Stucco Painting Winnipeg

Stucco, a type of cement plaster, is one of the most used building materials in Winnipeg. You’ll see it all over the city, from the core to the suburbs; it adds a level of refinement and texture to your building’s exterior, while being durable and flexible enough to last a long time in Winnipeg’s extreme climate. Stucco can be painted in almost any colour imaginable, while still retaining the textured look that makes it so desirable; here at Pinnacle, we’re pros at stucco repair and painting. Whether you want to refresh the look of your home, you’re building new houses that need a fresh coat, or you want to revitalize your business, we can help.

Stucco Repair Winnipeg

Before we paint your stucco, we’ll do a thorough evaluation of your stucco surfaces to see if there are any cracks or blemishes. Stucco is quite durable, but it’s porous, and water seeping into the stucco can quickly cause damage. Damage to stucco is problematic for a couple of reasons. It’s unsightly – flakes of stucco falling of the side of your home or business is not a good look, and the cracks are often visible. The second problem is that damaged stucco can lead to the framing over which the stucco was placed to be exposed. This exposure can lead to damage to the structure of your home, a more expensive proposition to repair.


Our stucco repair process starts with an evaluation and an estimate; we’ll tell you how much stucco we need to remove and repair, how long the process will take us, and how much it will cost. Once we’ve agreed on the estimate, we can get to work. We’ll remove the old stucco, create an impermeable coat on the substrate to ensure that it’s waterproofed, and replace the stucco with a fresh coat. We’re careful to color match the old stucco, in order to ensure a consistent, beautiful look. When the repair is done, the stucco surface will look seamless; we’re diligent in following building codes, so the work will be done right, and the substrate will be well protected.

Stucco Painting

Once your stucco is repaired, it’s time to get to painting. Your old stucco may have already been painted; in this case, we’ll powerwash off the paint, so we can apply a fresh coat. We can do a colour consultation with you before the painting begins, so you find the perfect colour for your stucco. Once the surface has been properly prepared, the stucco painting can begin.


To paint your stucco, we’ll use elastomeric paint. This type of paint is basically a stretchy, durable form of acrylic paint. These paints can breathe, allowing moisture within your house to evaporate out; they are, however, also waterproof, protecting your stucco from the elements. The elastic quality of these paints allow them to move with the surface they’re painted on, so as your building expands and contracts when the temperature changes, the paint will too, preventing cracking.

The Pinnacle Advantage

Whether you just need stucco repairs on a small part of your home, or you need a large building covered in stucco totally repaired, replaced and painted, Pinnacle has the tools and staff for the job. Our painters all have anywhere from 10-35 years of experience, and given how much stucco there is in Winnipeg, you know we’ve tackled a lot of stucco repair over the years. We’ll make sure your stucco looks picture perfect before we paint it, and we’ll ensure that the paint we do lasts for years; stucco painting, properly done by pros like Pinnacle, will last you well over a decade.

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