Interior Painting Winnipeg

Ambiance is all important, in your home or in your business. Ambiance sets the tone, the mood, the emotion of a place; ambiance is the aesthetic spirit of the room, and great ambiance moves people. Colour plays a huge role in ambiance, and the paint that you use in your interior sets the tone for everything else in the room.


Your walls are a canvas for painters, and the paint and architecture is a canvas for interior design; the lighting you choose, the furniture you use, and the decor that accentuates the room will all be impacted by the paint. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’re ready to help you bring your building’s interior to life – at Pinnacle, we paint holistically, considering all your needs, and helping you choose the right colour and style for each room, so the whole interior creates a cohesive whole.

Residential Interior Painting

Your home is your sanctuary. Your home’s exterior is something like your own exterior; it’s the personality you want to project to passersby, your extroverted self. Your home’s interior, on the other hand, can be a reflection of what you want in your inner life. Each room can be painted in colours that bring about the right vibe, the right emotion. We can use a combination of colour psychology and your own personal preferences to create a gorgeous, holistic, inspiring interior.


What do we mean by colour psychology? Here’s an example: colours like red and yellow tend to stimulate your appetite. That means using those colours in the kitchen or dining room can encourage people to eat and talk. Conversely, cool greens can help people feel focused and calm, and so the colour can be used well in an office or meditative space. Lavenders are calming and relaxing, and so can work beautiful in bedrooms and bathrooms. Of course, you’re not limited to using those colours in those rooms; whatever you want, we can paint!


You can get inspiration for colours from nature, from your memories, from your personal favorite colours – there’s no limit to the creativity you can employ in your own home! The pros at Pinnacle are here to make your dreams come to life; whether you want to repaint a single room or the whole home, we’ve got the right team for you. We’ll help you come up with a cohesive colour palette for the walls, the trim, and any accent walls you might want. We can also employ sophisticated painting techniques in order to do incredible faux finishes. These finishes can give texture, sheen, opalescent, or multicoloured appearances to you walls; we can even imitate other materials using paint!


Our team of licensed, bonded and insured painters are all experienced and enthusiastic; you can trust Pinnacle to give your home the amazing look it deserves.

Commercial Interior Painting

Your business is your pride and joy – it should look the part. Whether you’re a property manager looking to attract new tenants, or a business owner looking to attract new clients, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Pinnacle’s painters are licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ve worked with everyone from general contractors to local businesses to create stunning, eye-catching exteriors. Our experience means that we can coordinate with other laborers, secure any necessary permits, give accurate and fair estimates, and get the job done on time. No matter how much customization you need, or what kinds of materials need to be painted, Pinnacle is here.


You could have a local coffee shop, or a massive warehouse; we’ll be able to paint your space beautifully, with care and diligence, either way. Our painting services don’t stop at creating colourful coatings; we create works of art. You might decide it’s a good idea to have your logo painted on your exterior; brand recognition is all-important in this day and age, after all! We can do that for you. You might need your sheds or hangers painted with numbers so that they’re easily identified at a distance; we can do that for you. You might be building new homes for clients who have a custom colour scheme in mind; we can create almost any colour imaginable, and paint the place to perfection.


We’re a premier, Winnipeg based painting company, and we understand the climate of our home. That’s why we’ll only choose the most durable paints; elastic enough that they can stretch and contract as the climate shifts, strong enough that they can withstand heat, cold, wind and rain. Our painters all have between 10 and 35 years of experience, and we’ll only used the most experienced staff on our complex commercial projects, so you know you’re getting hard-working, dedicated painters. Our staff are all insured, and so is the work they do, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs and mishaps.


We know you only want the best painters to work on your building; after all, it’s your business, and your business is your livelihood. As business owners ourselves, we understand that, and that’s why we’re partnered with some of Winnipeg’s most prestigious organizations – it shows our commitment to our craft and our clients. We’re members of the Winnipeg Construction Association and the Professional Property Management Association; we pride ourselves in our work for contractors and property managers, as well as small business owners of all kinds.

Commercial Interior Painting

When you open up a business, you know that your brand is a big part of what you do. When a client walks in the door, you want them to understand your branding immediately; how you paint your interior has a lot to do with that. We’ll do a thorough consultation with you to understand the feeling you want your clients to have in each room of your building, or the feeling you want your employees to have as they work. We’ll create a cohesive colour palette and look for the interior of your business; we can even paint your logo on one of your walls to create a brilliant accent. Moreover, we can handle your flooring needs as well, with epoxy floors coloured to fit your building’s palette.


For property managers, interior painting can need to be done in a hurry. There are times where a bad tenant leaves the whole place a mess without any notice, and you need to get that room rented right away. You can trust Pinnacle; we paint quickly and efficiently, and you can hire us to handle the painting in all of your buildings. We can arrange for someone to paint a suite in a flash, so even if problems come up at the worst of times, you can count on us.


When it comes to building custom homes, you want a painting contractor who cares about creating a beautiful space as much as you do. Here at Pinnacle, we aim to create art, so no matter what custom colour scheme your client wants, we’ll be here to help you create the home of their dreams.

Interior Painting

The Pinnacle Advantage

No matter what your commercial painting project is, Pinnacle can help. We offer services 24/7, so no matter what the hours of operation are, we can find a time to paint. We do work with general contractors, so we’re skilled at coordinating with other labourers. We’re members of the Winnipeg Construction Association and the Professional Property Management Association, a testament to our status as the pinnacle of Winnipeg’s commercial painting companies. No matter what your interior painting project, you can count on Pinnacle.

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