Pinnacle understands that no two projects are alike. So, while we have a process to follow on each job to keep ourselves accountable, we take the time to listen to your needs, then carry out our process accordingly, to ensure it’s tailored to you.



Trust our team during this critical stage in the painting process. Without the proper preparation, your painting project will not have the longevity or the desired effect that you desire. We take care of scraping loose paint, patching holes, filling gaps, spot priming bare wood, and anything else that could come up during a project.



All areas that could be affected by overspray will be covered up by masking paper or poly. We ask that you move all smaller fragile items (pictures, china, etc) to ensure their safety. Our team will move all heavy cumbersome items (chairs, tables, desks, etc) into the middle of the room, and cover them with poly. For exterior jobs, we won’t spray if the weather conditions are too windy or if rain is approaching.



This is where we show our true colours! After diligently taking the time to cover up your items so nothing gets damaged, we start working our magic. In most cases, two coats is all it takes to ensure the project is done to perfection, though a third coat is required in certain situations.



We make sure you come into your transformed space with a smile on your face, not a cleanup job to do. Even if a project takes multiple days to complete, we will clean everything we can before leaving each day, and do a full clean up when the job is done.

During your on-site estimate, our estimator will be able to assess if pressure washing is necessary prior to painting. The purpose of pressure washing is to ensure any unwanted debris (dust, dirt, grime, mould, mildew, etc) is removed from the surface.



This is where you can hold us to our promises. After our own inspection of the job, we’ll do a full walkthrough with you. If you find any issues with the space, we’ll ensure they’re fixed as soon as possible. That is our guarantee.


We guarantee our projects with the 3P Pinnacle warranty:


 People. Process. Product.


Our painters are skilled craftsmen that take pride in providing outstanding quality and professionalism. We take the necessary steps to make sure that your project stands the test of time, and will always use the best products to exceed your expectations.

We give all customers a three-year warranty on the majority of our work. This includes walls and ceiling, stipple ceilings, doors and trim, mould treatment, stucco, wood siding & trim, soffits, fascia, and more.