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High quality painters make all the difference. That’s our philosophy at Pinnacle, and it’s where we get out name from; our painters, our workmanship, and our customer service are the peak of quality.


With best-in-class paints, rigorous screening and training, and plenty of on-the-job experience, our painters have shown their commitment to quality – that’s why we’re Pinnacle.

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Painting Services Winnipeg

We have something for everyone. No matter what you need painted, if you think a new coat could revitalize your home or business, give us a call. We’ll come down, evaluate your property, discuss your needs with you, and come up with a comprehensive plan to ensure you get the work you need, when you need it, at a fair price. Choose quality. Choose professionalism. Choose Pinnacle.

Residential Painting

Your house is so much more than just a building – it’s your home, your sanctuary. You want a Winnipeg painting company that will treat your home with the respect it deserves; you want Pinnacle. We take the stress out of painting your home. We take special care to listen to your exact needs and requirements, and we’ll adjust our schedule and process to accommodate you.


We take the weight off your shoulders by ensuring that all of our painters are well-trained and vetted; we have a comprehensive understanding of all kinds of painting products, so we can offer high-quality paints low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We offer paints that are eco-friendly, child-friendly, and pet friendly – in short, family friendly paint. We can paint your whole interior, and the whole exterior, from the fence to the garage. We offer stipple removal, drywall repair, and beautiful, decorative finishes. When you invite us into your home, we’ll treat it as our own; when we leave, you’ll have nothing left to do but bask in your beautiful, revitalized space.

Commercial Painting

Many Winnipeg painting companies exclusively offer residential services, but if you want to be at the pinnacle of the painting world, it’s essential to offer high-quality, round-the-clock, comprehensive commercial painting services. Our commercial experience is extensive, having worked with large general contracting firms to paint new developments, property managers both for regular touch-ups and on-call service, high-quality custom home builders who want to dazzle new homebuyers, and directly with businesses to renovate their space and wow clients. We also offer customizable industrial coatings and epoxy flooring – no matter what your commercial needs, we’re here for you.


Having worked with so many different commercial clients, and as business owners ourselves, we understand what you’re looking for in Winnipeg painting companies. You’re looking for someone reliable. You’re looking for someone who can work around your schedule. You’re looking for someone whose painters are insured, whose work is warrantied, and who has a track record of delivering high-quality work on time, every time, at a reasonable price. You’re looking for Pinnacle.

Stucco Painting

Painters in Winnipeg have to know how to work with a plethora of materials, but if there’s one that stands out among the rest, it’s stucco. You’ll find stucco coating, a type of cement mixture, on most homes that have been built in the city over the past few decades. Stucco adds texture and class to an exterior, but if it’s not well taken care of, it can begin to crack and crumble, creating an unsightly mess.


At Pinnacle, we don’t just know how to paint stucco; we know how to repair it, and how to coat it to make it more durable. Whether you’re a residential or commercial client, we’ll work diligently and conscientiously to revitalize your stucco siding, keeping the texture that makes it stand out while painting it any colour you desire. Our elastomeric coatings stretch as your house expands and contracts, protecting the stucco from the elements while maintaining a long-lasting, even coat.

Stucco Painting in Winnipeg
Interior Painting Renovations

Interior Painting

Whether you’re a commercial or a residential client, you understand the power of immaculate interior paint. The colours we choose for our interior, the finishes we use – they say something about us, they influence how the people who walk in feel, they create a particular ambiance. The degree to which interior painting can be customized is incredible – everyone will want something a little different. At the same time, when it comes to choosing painting contractors in Winnipeg, everyone wants the same thing: high quality work, done with respect and diligence, at a reasonable price.


Here at Pinnacle, we offer something for everyone. You might want your whole interior redone, the stipple in your ceiling removed, lacquer staining on your wood trim, and a colour consultation to help you pick a coherent theme that will flow from room to room – we can do all that. You might be a business with solid colour branding, looking for professionals to come in and redo your interior; you might want your logo painted on an accent wall, new epoxy floors, and paint on stainless steel. We can do all that. High quality, beautifully painted interiors, done on time, at the right price. That’s Pinnacle.

Exterior Painting

Winnipeg’s climate is, in a word, extreme. You want exterior painting that looks stunning, something that will make passersby on the road stop and say “Wow”. You also want paint that’s going to withstand the elements, that won’t fade away or crack after a couple of years. We’re based in Winnipeg, so we understand our city’s particular needs; we only use the highest quality, most climate resistant paints for our exterior work, and our labour is backed by an extensive warranty.


Our extensive painting experience means we can paint all kinds of materials you might find in an outdoor setting. From fence painting for residences to metal surfaces and aluminum sidings for businesses, we offer beautiful, customizable painting for all kinds of exteriors. Your home or business, your garage, your shed, your gazebo – any exterior structures you might have, we can paint. Customizable, high quality, and affordable; that’s what we offer at Pinnacle.

Exterior House Painting

Proud Partners of Pinnacle

Paul Woloschuk – CEO

Paul quickly developed his skills and knowledge of the painting industry as a young painter over 11 years ago. In the past four years, he was promoted to vice president at a rapidly growing organization, where he developed in-depth training programs and processes to ensure his team was the absolute best in the business. Now Paul is able to use his skills and leadership as the Owner/Operator of Pinnacle Painting and Decorating.