Exterior Painting Winnipeg

Whether it’s your home or your business, your building’s exterior is the first thing people see when they come to visit. That means the exterior is the first impression people get when they’re about to enter your space, and we all know how valuable a good first impression is. The exterior is far more than just the side of your building; it can include the fencing, the deck, the gazebo, the trim, the garage, the shed, and more. Here at Pinnacle, we’re committed to our craft; we’ll create a picturesque exterior for you, so that the first impression people get is picture perfect.


The most exciting thing about painting an exterior is that you get to decide what those first impressions are all about. Want your building to fit the neighborhood’s aesthetic, but stand out by virtue of doing that aesthetic perfectly? We can do that. Want to stand out, choosing a color scheme that’s bold, bright, and beautiful? You can do that too! Whatever trim you want, whatever accents you’re interested, whatever colours represent you, Pinnacle will help you bring your dream to life.

Residential Exterior Painting

Your sense of style, your mannerisms, and the look of your home are all important ways of presenting yourself to the world. They give people signals about who you are, what you love, and how you act. A home with a cheerful yellow exterior and a bright red door gives a sense of hominess, and a casual, playful demeanor. Conversely, a home painted grey, with white trim, and a black door, might give a sense of formal elegance, a regal demeanor, and sophistication. How you choose to paint your home is up to you, but having it painted professionally is a wonderful idea, no matter what feeling you want to achieve. Here at Pinnacle, we offer a variety of resources to help you paint the home of your dreams.


Homes in Winnipeg are made out of a wide variety of different materials; we’ve seen a number of architectural styles come and go since our founding over almost 150 years ago. Pinnacle is a Winnipeg company, so we know how to paint everything from stucco to Tyndall stone; whatever your home’s exterior is made of, we can paint it. Given Winnipeg’s climate, the best time to paint your home’s exterior is usually from late May to early October, though seasonal weather will sometimes allow you to paint a bit earlier or later.


You don’t need to get your whole house painted to rejuvenate the look of your home; in fact, small changes can create drastic improvements to your home’s aesthetic! Call us to paint your front door, re-do the trim, or repaint your soffit and fascia, which can help protect your home from water damage.


Not sure exactly what you want to get? Ask us for a colour consultation before we start painting. We’ll talk to you about what colours go well together, and help you come up with a palette that will suit your personality, and the look you’re going for. To help you choose colours, there are a few techniques you can use. Think of a favorite memory of a room you used to like to spend time in. Look to nature for inspiration; a favorite vacation spot, a place you liked to go camping, or your favorite hiking trail can all help you choose great colours. You can also just go with your favorites; if you love purple, there’s nothing that says you can’t incorporate purple into your home’s exterior!

Commercial Exterior Painting

Your business is your pride and joy – it should look the part. Whether you’re a property manager looking to attract new tenants, or a business owner looking to attract new clients, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Pinnacle’s painters are licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ve worked with everyone from general contractors to local businesses to create stunning, eye-catching exteriors. Our experience means that we can coordinate with other laborers, secure any necessary permits, give accurate and fair estimates, and get the job done on time. No matter how much customization you need, or what kinds of materials need to be painted, Pinnacle is here.


You could have a local coffee shop, or a massive warehouse; we’ll be able to paint your space beautifully, with care and diligence, either way. Our painting services don’t stop at creating colourful coatings; we create works of art. You might decide it’s a good idea to have your logo painted on your exterior; brand recognition is all-important in this day and age, after all! We can do that for you. You might need your sheds or hangers painted with numbers so that they’re easily identified at a distance; we can do that for you. You might be building new homes for clients who have a custom colour scheme in mind; we can create almost any colour imaginable, and paint the place to perfection.


We’re a premier, Winnipeg based painting company, and we understand the climate of our home. That’s why we’ll only choose the most durable paints; elastic enough that they can stretch and contract as the climate shifts, strong enough that they can withstand heat, cold, wind and rain. Our painters all have between 10 and 35 years of experience, and we’ll only used the most experienced staff on our complex commercial projects, so you know you’re getting hard-working, dedicated painters. Our staff are all insured, and so is the work they do, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs and mishaps.


We know you only want the best painters to work on your building; after all, it’s your business, and your business is your livelihood. As business owners ourselves, we understand that, and that’s why we’re partnered with some of Winnipeg’s most prestigious organizations – it shows our commitment to our craft and our clients. We’re members of the Winnipeg Construction Association and the Professional Property Management Association; we pride ourselves in our work for contractors and property managers, as well as small business owners of all kinds.

Wood Staining Winnipeg

Whether you have a deck in the backyard of your home to enjoy barbecuing with friends, or a deck at the back of your restaurant so customers can enjoy the patio, wood staining can add aesthetic appeal and durability to your deck. At Pinnacle, we offer full wood staining services; we’ll remove blemishes, fill scratches, get rid of the sealant, and clean off the sawdust. Once that’s done, we’ll apply the perfect amount of wood stain – we can stain your wood a variety of colours, from natural, woody tones, to vibrant, surreal purples and greens. We’ll re-apply a sealant, in order to waterproof the wood; once we’re done, you’ll be in awe of how gorgeous your deck looks!


Our wood staining services are, of course, not limited to just decks; any wood surfaces you can have can be treated to a new stain. That means we can stain your wood fence, your gazebo, or any other wooden features you have in your yard; you might have a wood shed we could paint, or even wooden lawn ornament we can spruce up!

Wood Staining Winnipeg

Exterior Structure Painting Winnipeg

The exterior of your home or business doesn’t end at the main building; there can be a number of exterior structures that benefit from painting. Our pros can handle it all. You might need a workspace, shed, or garage painted; we can handle that. You might want to get a fence painted – we can use the above mentioned wood staining, or a more durable, colourful paint. We can even paint metal fences!


Want to attract some extra attention to your business? Get old signage painted by the pros at Pinnacle. We can spruce up signage, painted logos, and other exterior marketing, so people take notice. Have repairs that need to be made? We can patch up your old stucco exterior, and repaint it so it looks durable – and lasts longer, too! Need waterproofing? We have waterproof paints that will keep your exteriors in tiptop shape for years to come, whether they’re made of wood or metal.

Exterior Structure Painting Winnipeg

The Pinnacle Advantage

Here at Pinnacle, we paint for Winnipeg’s climate. We’ll use the right paint for your exterior; it depends on the material, but we guarantee it will endure the wind, sleet, rain, snow, and sun. We’re proud to have experienced painters who work hard to ensure the work is done right, every time. We’ll come to your place, find out exactly what you want to have done, make recommendations based on our years of experience, and give you an estimate of when the work will be done, and how much it will cost. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our estimates, and we’ll strive to get the work done right. So choose Pinnacle, a Winnipeg based company with a commitment to creating eye-catching, moving exteriors. We’ll be glad to show you why we chose the name – we’re the Pinnacle!

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