What are the Differences Between Epoxy and Polyurea?

What are the Differences Between Epoxy and Polyurea?

Take a good look at your garage floor. Does it require a bit of work? Are there stains and cracks? Has it actually seen its better days? Perhaps it is time for a bit of an update. It’s possible to merely splash a little paint on it then call it a day – however, there isn’t any protection with that paint. Perhaps just repair the wear and tear then leave it as is; it is just a floor, right? Yet then you might come across the same issue in one or two years. Then what do you do?


One way of saving your floor includes installing an industrial coating upon the material. 


As it’ll come to selecting your floor coating in your garage, there certainly is a variety of viable options that are obtainable to you. But, the wisest and most popular options for lasting protection and durability are polyurea coating and epoxy floor coating. However, what are these solutions exactly, and which one is right for you? Below, the garage floor coating experts of Pinnacle Painting lays out the main differences between polyurea and epoxy in order for you to pick the proper concrete coating for your house.


Epoxy Floor Coating


Epoxy is available in several different forms, which are obtainable at a big variety of prices. In general, epoxy may be described as a flooring system that was created from a combination of resins and hardeners which create a smooth finish over concrete floors. The end result includes a hard surface that’s poured into place and may take up to half of one day or even longer to dry and set.


Epoxy has been a durable floor solution for homeowners for years, providing chemical resistant protection while also generating a large quantity of options for aesthetics.  But epoxy lacks a specific flexibility level and may require maintenance and repairs every couple of years because of freezing temperatures, abrasions, and ultraviolet exposure – all things which certainly are possible while coating the garage floor.


Polyurea Coating


One newer available option to homeowners is polyurea– a kind of polyurethane developed by a 2-part mix that involves a chemical reaction to make a hardened surface above the concrete floor. It provides a high-gloss, gorgeous finish for optimal appeal, too.


Polyurea is UV-resistant and has a high heat tolerance, which ensures that your flooring will not discolor over a period of time during those scorching summers. It also is very resistant to chemical damages, scratches, and abrasions, which makes it the ideal protector for your garage floor, no matter what you utilize the garage for.


While Polyurea oftentimes requires greater initial investment for installing, in the long-term, its minimal maintenance and durability needs are going to save you money and time over that of epoxy, which quickly wears out and does not stand up as well to the weather elements. Just remember that Polyurea has a substantially shorter cure time, so to guarantee correct installation without having to waste materials, it is better to call in the professionals such as the specialists at Pinnacle Painting.