Using Paint To Define Spaces In Open Floor Plans

Using Paint To Define Spaces In Open Floor Plans

using-paint-to-define-spaces-in-open-floor-plansOpen floor plans make spaces feel roomier, but defining unique spaces in these large, open areas can be a real challenge. Paint is a great way to more clearly delineate where one space ends and a new one begins. The question is: How can you use paint to make the most impact?


Here are a few suggestions to help you utilize paint in a way that catches the eye, making it more inviting and appealing:

Use Bold Accent Colours 


One way to draw attention to a specific focal point is to add a splash of colour. If you choose a bold or darker colour than the rest of the room, you’ll naturally draw the eye to specific areas. Wherever you want people to look first should have the most saturated and boldest colour. 


The catch is that you should use these tones sparingly. They might be a good fit for a single accent wall, a backdrop for cabinets, or a backsplash. 

Pair Bold Colours With Lighter Palettes


A caveat to using an accent wall to draw attention is that you don’t want to make your room feel like your guests are in a tunnel. If you paint one wall dark or bright, keep the opposite walls light to balance it out; this keeps the space feeling open. 

Keep Running Walls Light


If you have a wall that runs into two separate rooms, it isn’t a good idea to split the colour midway down the wall. Instead, you should consider painting it as light as possible to draw attention away from this long-running wall. It should be as neutral as possible, especially if it contains a doorway to another room. 


Don’t Forget the Ceiling and Trim


Some people are inclined to paint their ceilings in colours that match the rest of the room. This can be a big faux pas, though. If you want to keep the room neutral and maximize the feeling of openness, you should stick with a neutral colour like a standard white or cream. It should complement all of the colours you use in the rest of the home décor palette. 


You should also consider keeping your trim in a glossy white to seamlessly flow from room to room. Whatever colour you decide on, keep trim and ceiling colour consistent throughout the entire open section. 

Get Professional Painting


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