The Right Paint For Your Bathroom

The Right Paint For Your Bathroom

The best way to transform a familiar room is to cover the walls with a fresh layer of paint. But when you decide to paint your bathroom, there are a few important things to consider. The wrong type of paint can cause peeling problems, and the wrong colour can make a comforting room stressful. When you’re painting your bathroom, it’s important to select a product that can withstand humidity. A paint that can’t handle moisture will peel right off your bathroom walls. Picking the right finish is also important: the wrong one will look dirty in no time. When selecting a new paint colour for your bathroom, there are a few things to consider:


Bathrooms are damp and humid places. Taking these factors into consideration is important when selecting the right paint to use. You’ll want a product that can withstand these conditions. For this reason, use water-based latex paint; it’s durable and moisture-resistant. Oil-based paints may yellow over time because of humidity. Oil and water don’t mix, and using oil paint on walls that are frequently splashed might ruin your paint job. Water-based latex paint is the safest bet for bathroom walls.


On top of humidity, your bathroom paint also needs to be mould-resistant. Showers and bathtubs allow water splashes to be a common occurrence on your walls – the last thing you want is a bathroom full of mildew. This is especially important if your bathroom lacks a good ventilation system. Look for a mould-resistant paint when redoing your bathroom walls. 


Flat or matte paint is not very resistant to moisture. It will look splotchy and chip easily in a bathroom. Also, it doesn’t withstand cleaning the way that glossy paints do. For this reason, avoid a matte finish. Look for a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish paint instead. A shiny paint is better at resisting the absorption of moisture. Glossy paints can also handle a scrubbing when they need to be cleaned.


When you’re thinking about painting, the most obvious question is: what colour should you pick? A central feature of any bathroom is the mirror. Did you know that the colour of your walls can change the reflection in your mirror? Imagine if your bathroom walls were bright green. That would cast a strange shade on the skin of your face. Consider selecting a neutral shade for your bathroom walls, like white or grey. Install some nice lighting in the bathroom also.


Lastly, the best way to prevent paint from peeling is to use a primer. Certain primers are moisture-resistant, which will save you from the hassle of paint touch-ups. Before applying the primer, make sure that your walls are clean. You don’t want any lingering mildew to ruin a new paint job. Don’t just paint over the old mould – scrub it off before you begin. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck repainting in a matter of months. 


Now that you know what to avoid when painting your bathroom, the next step is to find an expert to help you do it. At Pinnacle Painting, we know how to get the job done with the right supplies. If you’re looking for bathroom painting in Winnipeg, consider hiring Pinnacle Painting to help with your next painting project.