The Importance Of Safety Measures In Commercial Painting Services

The Importance Of Safety Measures In Commercial Painting Services

Painting may not seem like a dangerous job at first glance, but commercial painters know that there’s an inherent risk in their profession. They need to prioritize safety in their workplace first and foremost. While your painting team should be focused on providing you with a high-quality paint job, they also need to be concerned with personal safety.

How can your painting team implement more safety measures in the workplace?

Using Safe Scaffolding

Many commercial buildings require painters to reach great heights, especially if they need to paint multi-storey buildings. To this end, they’ll need scaffolding or ladders to reach the required heights. Commercial painters should always take the time to inspect this equipment for stability, sturdiness, and safety.

If something feels too wobbly to support its weight, it’s time to replace it with a newer and safer model.

Hazard-Free Areas

Painters know how easy it is to slip on miscellaneous items on the ground. They’re focused so intently on the walls they’re painting that they often don’t pay attention to their feet. This is why it’s so important to manage a clean and clutter-free workspace. Slips and falls could lead to serious injury, wasted materials, and other negative consequences.

Protective Gear Needed

Most people don’t initially think of paint as a hazardous material, but it can be if you are exposed to it day in and day out. The chemicals in paint can be harmful to the health of commercial painters, so some painters choose to wear an assortment of protective gear. Safety glasses and gloves are a start, but some painters have special clothes to limit contact with their skin.

Managing Fumes

Skin exposure to paint is not the only hazard on the job site. The fumes, especially in paints with higher VOCs, can be problematic for commercial painters. When possible, it’s best to open the windows to circulate fresh air through the space. If this isn’t an option, then your painting crew may want to set up robust fans that can keep fresh air circulating and push harmful fumes out of the room for better ventilation. Eco-friendly paints that have fewer chemicals and less long-term risk to safety are being utilized more and more.

Hire a Crew That Values Safety

While it may not be your first instinct to think that painting is a risky endeavour, a qualified painting company knows how to manage these risks. Commercial painters in Winnipeg, like Pinnacle Painting, can help you get a quality job done without sacrificing safety. If you’re ready for a makeover of your commercial space, give us a call today to get a quote!