The Impact Of A Two-Toned Room

The Impact Of A Two-Toned Room

Are you having trouble settling on a single colour for the walls of your room? The good news is that you may not have to choose anymore. More homeowners are opting for a two-toned room, whether that means splitting the wall in half, adding a chevron pattern, or even sponge painting. A two-toned room can have a big impact on the design of your space. 

Learn more about what you can expect to feel when you start making bold decision choices like this one. 


Makes a Space Feel Larger

For years, the general consensus was that a space felt larger when you used lighter colours in a small space. If you wanted to introduce a darker or bolder colour, most homeowners went with a single accent wall. A two-toned room presents a unique option for making your space feel as big as possible, though. 


The contrast between the top and bottom colors makes your room instantly feel more spacious when done properly. To open up a small space, particularly one with low ceilings, paint the top one-third of the wall with a lighter colour and the bottom two-thirds with your darker paint. The result is a room that looks like it has higher ceilings and more space.  


Adds Dimension

A room with only a single colour almost seems boring compared to rooms with a two-toned colour scheme. This is a strong design move that creates instant dimension to any room with just a few strokes of the brush. It creates an even bigger statement than a single accent wall by giving the impression of detailed trim work and embellishments in the space.


Enhances Design

A two-toned wall doesn’t have to be neatly divided between top and bottom. You can also explore your creativity with your paint choices. Add some flair to your painting to act as another design element in the room. 


For example, you may want to create a two-toned wall with a chevron print or a ribbon effect. You can even try sponge painting to get a healthy dose of both colours all over your wall. There is more than one way to approach a two-toned paint job. 


Ties in Accent Colours

By using a pop of colour on the walls, you can easily tie in accent colours that are mirrored through your furniture choices. In a bedroom, the two-toned walls can reflect the same shade as the comforter on the bed or the headboard. Get some throw pillows that bring out the shades you selected for the wall. There are all sorts of fun ways to emphasize your accent colour. 


Get Help With Your Painting

Incorporating a two-tone paint job into your home requires expertise and care. Winnipeg painting companies like Pinnacle Painting have the skill and experience you need to pull off this style effortlessly. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you improve the look and feel of your home with this bold design move!