The Benefits Of Traditional Stucco Siding

The Benefits Of Traditional Stucco Siding

stucco winnipeg paintersLook around your neighbourhood, and you’ll notice that a majority of homes use stucco as an exterior material; it’s a staple when it comes to siding. Stucco is a mixture of compounds like sand, water, Portland cement, and lime. Each stucco style has a different texture and colour, showing how versatile it can be. Some homeowners choose synthetic stucco, but it’s not as durable as traditional stucco. Why will your house benefit from a stucco exterior? 


It increases your home’s value

If you’re looking to sell your property, stucco siding will be a significant advantage; homebuyers recognize the benefits that this material has to offer. Stucco is a great insulator that increases the energy efficiency of your home. It will be easier to keep the air warm or cool when the exterior is protected by layers of this material. After your stucco is installed, you’ll start saving on your utility bills. If you have noisy neighbours or live on a busy street, stucco will act as a sound barrier. 


Stucco is easy to maintain

When your stucco is properly installed, maintenance is easy—it requires minimal cleaning and rarely needs replacing. A garden hose will do the trick if you want to remove dirt from the surface. Try to keep your stucco from getting constantly damp by installing an eavestrough system on your roof. Stucco can last up to 50 years when it’s looked after. If you’re looking for an exterior that won’t require much effort to maintain, consider stucco siding. 


It’s durable

In Winnipeg, we deal with pretty volatile weather, and the exteriors of our houses need to endure extreme temperatures. For freezing winters and hot summers, stucco is the material of choice; it can expand and contract, which reduces cracking and breaking. Stucco resists moisture, giving it enhanced protection against mould and mildew. Another benefit of this material is that it’s fire resistant; it can minimize damage in the event of a disaster. Stucco is even resistant to termites, so you can put your pest worries to rest. With some stucco mixes, polymers are added to increase flexibility. 


Installation is quick and easy 

The last thing any homeowner wants is an installation process that takes weeks or months. This won’t be an issue with stucco, which can be applied within two days. It’s easy to install because it can be applied over existing materials like concrete or wood. You won’t have to remove the previous siding before applying layers of stucco. If you decide that a stucco exterior is right for your home, you’ll see results within a few days. 


Stucco can be coloured and textured to your liking

One of the biggest advantages to stucco is how customizable it is. It can be applied in a range of textures: swirled, raked, pebbled, or smooth. Other materials (like brick), can’t be painted without diminishing their quality—this is not the case with stucco, which can be changed at any time. When your stucco is installed, the next step is selecting the perfect colour. Are you looking for stucco painting in Winnipeg? At Pinnacle Painting, we offer exceptional stucco painting services that include repairing blemishes and cracks before we begin. Contact us today to transform your home’s exterior.