Painting Vs. Wallpaper: Pros & Cons Of Each Option For Home Decor

Painting Vs. Wallpaper: Pros & Cons Of Each Option For Home Decor

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When it comes to decorating your home, your walls make the biggest statement out of all your potential decor. The question is: Should you go with a painted wall or install wallpaper? Both wallpaper and paint are beautiful options that can make a statement in your home design. 

If you have been wondering which one is the right fit for your home, here are a few things to consider:

Pros & Cons of Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper comes with its own inherent set of pros and cons. First, you might choose wallpaper because it’s an extremely durable solution for a home. Many people are surprised to learn that a well-installed layer of wallpaper can last for more than a decade. 

This is a good thing because trying to remove wallpaper is a task best left to the professionals. Removal is a time-consuming job that can cause real damage to the wall beneath. Not only is putting wallpaper up a challenge, but you won’t be able to easily remove it if you notice a mistake later down the road. 

The beauty of wallpaper is another major benefit of choosing this type of wall covering. It comes in multiple types of textures, sheens, patterns, and colours. Homeowners may choose wallpaper for its ability to make a statement as an accent wall or do an entire room. 

Keep in mind that hanging wallpaper shouldn’t be done in areas where it will be exposed to humid or moist conditions. The glue simply will not adhere to the wall, and you may be left with peeling wallpaper and wasted money. 

Pros & Cons of Painting

Painted walls can also make just as much of a statement as existing wallpaper options. You can get washable paint for a more durable finish or textured paint to make a bigger statement. Remember that a complex design may cost extra—whether it’s paying a professional or doing it yourself. 

Applying paint is a more straightforward process than installing wallpaper which often requires professional assistance. Instead, painting can be done as a DIY project or with the cost-effective help of a team of professionals. It can also be refreshed and renewed repeatedly without stopping to remove previous work. 


Wall paint is a great option for areas high in moisture and humidity, such as kitchens and full bathrooms. 

While painting is easy to refresh, you will need to roll out a fresh coat every few years. Prepare for painting roughly every five years. 

Which Is Right for You? 

Both painting and wallpaper are beautiful and eye-catching ways to spruce up your home. Whether you want new wallpaper installed or a fresh coat of paint rolled out, you’ll need Winnipeg painters to assist you. Pinnacle Painting can help you with paint, wallpaper, and everything in between. Call us today to learn more about our services!