Painting For Allergen Control

Painting For Allergen Control

Painting For Allergen Control
Anyone suffering from extreme allergies knows how crucial it is to have a clean environment. If you want to do everything you can to eliminate allergens from your home and minimize allergic reactions, painting is one way to do that. Not only does it spruce up your home, but it can also minimize the risk of allergic reactions with the right paint.

What can you do to get paint allergies under control and improve your environment? 

Look for Allergy-Friendly Paint

The first and most significant thing you can do is look for paint that is going to be friendly and easy on your allergies. Volatile organic compounds are a real trigger for allergic reactions. Low VOC paints eliminate some of the toxic substances that can make it hard to breathe and live inside the four walls of your home. 

You may want to compare the VOCs in acrylic paint with those found in oil paints. Acrylic paints tend to smell less and can thus trigger fewer reactions than their oil counterparts. To limit VOC emissions, you can look for paints endorsed by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This can improve indoor air quality. 

Take Precautions While Painting 

Allergy sufferers may experience more allergy symptoms during the actual process of rolling on the paint. The raw materials themselves are enough to trigger an allergic reaction, but you can eliminate some of these issues. For example, wear a face mask to limit the intake of fumes, protective clothing, and goggles.

Good Ventilation

Of course, you can also do a lot to protect your home by keeping good ventilation while painting. This can take the form of turning on the HVAC system to keep air circulating throughout the home. If your allergies are not triggered by the outdoor allergens, then you may want to open a window while you paint if the weather is nice. 

When you decide to paint, you may want to install a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter) to keep some of the smaller particles of the paint from circulating in the house. 

Allow Professionals at Pinnacle Painting To Help

When you need help to get your home refreshed and want to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, you need expert Winnipeg painting companies like Pinnacle Painting. We have the expertise you need when it comes to selecting an allergy-friendly paint. 

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