Painting Apartment & Condo Building Hallways

Painting Apartment & Condo Building Hallways

It’s 2021, and your apartment or condo building is ready for a fresh layer of paint. Perhaps you’ve already repainted the exterior, the lobby, and even the doors. How else can you improve the appearance of your commercial apartment or condo building?

The next time you want to spruce up your property, think about repainting the hallway walls. It’s a great way to increase the building’s value and improve tenant satisfaction.

But when you paint a building where many people live, you have to consider what they might think of the colour. Here are a few reasons why you may decide to paint your property’s hallways, and how you can choose a shade that makes everyone happy:


Creating a Cohesive Theme

When you’re deciding on a colour, make sure to balance it with other elements. Think about the floors, trim, and doors. Even the ceiling is something to consider! Make sure the walls don’t clash with the other areas of the hallway. 


Hide Imperfections

Each time a resident moves in or out, your walls suffer the damage. Scuff marks, paint chips, and even cracks are a common sight after ordeals like this. Since the hallway is a common area, most of your residents notice these imperfections. Why not hide them under a fresh layer of paint?

A repainting project is an effective way to maintain your property. It might persuade your tenants to renew their leases; they want to live in a building that’s taken care of, not one with imperfect walls.


Colours to Consider

The hallway is what each resident of your building sees as they go to their homes. Think carefully about what colour you might want to use—it won’t go unnoticed.

If it’s time for a hallway makeover, think about using these colours:


Purple. Purple is such a royal and lavish shade that your residents may feel like they’re entering a luxurious hotel. However, not all tenants will appreciate such a vivid colour.


Grey. Even though white is a popular choice for many interiors, it might look too sterile and clinical in a hallway. Instead, try a shade of grey. It won’t clash with any other colours nearby.


Blue. You can’t go wrong with the tried and true! Blue is a colour that evokes feelings of calmness and neutrality. Whether you prefer a deep navy or a soft pastel, blue will work well in many spaces.


Beige. Hallways don’t necessarily need to make a statement. You might prefer that they blend in with the rest of your building for a seamless transition. As far as inoffensive and universally liked colours go, a shade of beige can be your best bet.


Remember, the most important thing is to keep your tenants or residents in mind. In any apartment or condo complex, you have a lot of occupants to manage. The last thing you want is to repaint the hallway a colour that most people don’t like. You may want to consider hosting an online poll to find out what your tenants and residents might enjoy. 

When you’ve found the perfect colour, you’re ready to start planning for the job. The next step is finding the right commercial painter for the task. 

At Pinnacle Painting, we offer painting services for apartment buildings. We’ve completed hundreds of projects, and we’re excited to get started on yours!