Home Exterior Painting Colours You May Want To Avoid

Home Exterior Painting Colours You May Want To Avoid

Looking to spruce up the appearance of your home? Whether you’re updating your curb appeal or switching things up, a fresh coat of paint can do just the trick. However, the library of paint colours is extraordinarily dense, and it can be difficult to settle on the right colour for your home. Remember, the exterior look is one of the first impressions people will have about your home. 

You could play it safe and decide on a neutral colour or go bold and make your house pop. The only thing is you don’t want to look too mundane or too bombastic. Trust us when we say there are some exterior paint colours you may want to avoid. 

Exterior Colours To Avoid 

Everyone has their tastes, but the last thing you want to do is pick a paint colour that will make everyone want to turn away from your home. 


Listen, we’re not above the colour pink. In fact, different shades of pink can be a lovely colour choice for the interior of your home. The outside is a different story. You should want your home to give off immaculate vibes instead of looking like Barbie’s Dream House come to life. 

This colour look might work with older-looking homes, but if your home is on the newer side, your best bet is to avoid pink. 


We aren’t saying that green is an unfathomable colour choice. Far from it. But think of it this way, are you going to want a green exterior surrounded by plants, grass, trees, and other greenery? Probably not. Green is a very challenging exterior colour to pull off, especially if the accompanying trims, doors, or window panes don’t match properly. 


Yellow is a lovely colour, but the unfortunate part is that it can be too bright and fades fast. Yellow can also age your home, and that’s something you’ll want to avoid. 


While a cream colour could work as an exterior paint choice, it can prove difficult to maintain. During the winter or periods of rainy weather, your exterior may look as though it’s dirty. That’s because cream is a very light shade that can show all the blemishes you don’t want your neighbours to notice. 

Other Factors To Consider 

Paint colours aside, other contributing factors can either make or break your home’s appearance: 

Colour Retention 

One of the most paramount factors to consider is colour retention. Colour retention (the opposite of colour fading) is very important as you don’t want the pigmentation of the paint to fade. Avoid choosing dark colours that could fade noticeably over time.  

Exterior Materials 

Before you crack open that can of paint, you need to consider the exterior of your home. Do you have exposed brick? Maybe you have some pillars or a stone walkway. Try to plan around these features and pick a colour that compliments these components. 

No Mismatched Colours

Colour matching is everything. You don’t want to see a pink house with bright green trim. Stay away from colours that don’t look good together, as they can make your house stand out in a bad way. 

Interior Colours

You shouldn’t paint your home’s exterior the same colour as your interior. Imagine walking into a grey home and seeing the exact colour on the inside. It’s jarring and doesn’t compliment the look of your home. If you simply can’t pass up on that colour, consider going a few shades lighter or darker. 

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