Commercial Painting Services: When To Use Them And What To Expect

Commercial Painting Services: When To Use Them And What To Expect

When you’re looking for professionals to take care of your painting project, it can be difficult to distinguish between all the different painting companies. You might wonder why a company would advertise that they offer both residential and commercial painting services. Aren’t the same steps involved in both types of projects? There are two answers to this: yes and no.

Painting contractors whose sole focus is working on residential projects primarily only have experience with homes and other living spaces. Commercial contractors, on the other hand, have both the capacity and experience to handle large-scale painting projects; they mainly work with businesses and commercial spaces.

Residential painting contractors work best with materials used in home-building like siding and wood. Commercial painters, however, deal with a variety of materials like concrete, metal, stucco, and materials used in homes. This said, when you’re ready to paint your retails stores, restaurants, manufacturing sites, schools, hospitals or any other large-scale project, call a commercial painter.

What should you expect?

Because commercial painting companies employ a large number of painters, they can complete projects quickly, and in the case of urgent work, a commercial painting company can often respond on short notice. Once you hire the commercial painting company, you can expect them to work within your schedule and complete the project on time. A commercial painting company may also be able to offer you a wider range of services than a residential painter could.

Another difference between the two different kinds of contractors is that commercial painters have the equipment required for large-scale projects. Commercial painting requires cherry picker cranes and other specific industrial tools that a residential painter may not have access to.  Also, a contractor that has experience handling big painting project is more likely to give you a fair price quote because of their extensive experience and their relationships with a range of suppliers. They should also have access to the most modern equipment on the market which should ensure that your commercial space receives the best treatment possible.

You can also expect commercial painters to follow a methodological approach when handling your project. To produce high-quality results, commercial painters follow guaranteed standard operating procedures. You’re more likely to get great service and project management from contractors who have handled similar projects. Commercial painters are also familiar with any necessary permits and licenses that may be needed for the job.

The bottom line is that if you want your house painted, a residential painter will do a great job. However, if what you have at hand is a larger painting project, your best bet would be to source commercial painters. At Pinnacle Painting, we specialize in both residential and industrial painting services in Winnipeg. Feel free to reach out to us for a free inspection of your property. Give us a call at (204)230-2508.