Certain Exterior Paint Colors Repel Outdoor Birds and Bugs

Certain Exterior Paint Colors Repel Outdoor Birds and Bugs

Professional Painters in Winnipeg MBNothing is able to spoil a joyful afternoon lounging on the deck or porch than a swarm of insects or flock of unruly birds. Whether you are eating or consuming a cool drink, it is a chore to eliminate either of these disruptive creatures.

Before spending massive amounts of money and time on deterrents, consider the color of your home or commercial space’s exterior. Did you know different colors naturally attract bugs and birds?

Pinnacle Painting offers exterior painting services in Winnipeg to increase your curb appeal and minimize the number of pests. Today we are going to breakdown the colors that repel birds and bugs:


Birds heavily rely on their capability of seeing colours – from discovering a mate to choosing the ripest berries. Usually, bright shades attract various birds, which include goldfinches, warbles, orioles, humming birds, and blue jays.

Even dull greens, browns, and darker grays will probably attract birds with cautious temperaments such as ground feeders, doves, and quail. These hues comfort them, as well as create a sense of safety.

One shade that most birds avoid is white. A bright or dull white signals danger and alarm to birds and causes them to avoid these spaces.


Bugs view color somewhat different than birds – they see color in the ultraviolet spectrum. In nature, they’re attracted to vibrantly colored flowers as they’re typically a food source. The same holds true for your deck or porch, minus the food aspect. Bugs naturally are attracted to vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, or white. Colours such as blue and green will not register as vividly when viewed in the ultraviolet spectrum, which deters bugs away from those colored items.


These are a special type of problem; therefore, they receive their own category aside from friendly, regular bugs. Mosquitos view dark colors more easily, which is the reason why you always hear it is a great idea to dress in lighter colors to avoid mosquitos. The same holds true for your exterior design. Bright colors, like yellows and whites, are more likely to deter these pests than dark colors.

Depending upon your pest issue, the colors chosen for your exterior setting might assist in deterring uninvited guests. Check with your local exterior painters of Pinnacle Painting to learn more information on how the proper color scheme will assist in making your sunny afternoon a lot more pleasant.

Winnipeg’s climate is pretty extreme. You want outside painting which looks amazing, something which will make people passing by on the street stop and exclaim, “Wow!” Also, you want paint that will stand up to the elements, that will not fade or crack after a few years.

Our extensive experience in painting means we’re able to paint all sorts of materials you may find in an exterior setting. From residential fence painting to aluminum sidings and metal surfaces for businesses, we provide customizable, gorgeous painting for all types of exteriors. Your business or home, your shed, garage, gazebo – any exterior structures you may have, we’re able to paint. Affordable, high quality, and customizable; that is what we provide at Pinnacle.