5 Paint Colours That Make A Room Look Bigger

5 Paint Colours That Make A Room Look Bigger

A small space can be downsized even more by the wrong wall colour. Dark, drab walls can make rooms feel small and cramped, while lighter colours create an optical illusion that they are both bigger and brighter. To expand the visual space of any room, apply a new coat of paint that will lighten up the walls. Enlarge your living area with a quality paint job and smart colour choices:


  1. Pale green. This shade is both inviting and invigorating. Green conjures up feelings of energy, life, and vibrancy. Try a shade of sage, mint, or pistachio; these yummy colours will brighten and enhance your home. Green is a cool shade that will create allure and mystery while expanding the look of any small room.

  3. Light grey. This subtle tone is more alluring than plain white walls, while still adding light to your small space. Grey tones look modern and sleek – they’ve become a trendy colour of choice for many homeowners. A wall painted light grey will complement any decorations without monopolizing all the attention. Ashy, smoky shades are the perfect addition to a confined room; they will make it feel cool and spacious.

  5. Sunset orange. The hue of a gentle orange will evoke the aesthetics of a sunset. Colours like cantaloupe, honey, or sherbet are the perfect shades to paint on your walls – they will add drama without adding visual clutter. Imagine the beauty of a room that’s painted orange – during a sunset, your walls will match the picturesque sky outside your windows. This colour will expand the appearance of any small room.

  7. Indigo. It’s true that lighter colours can make a room look bigger – but including an accent wall that’s painted dark will absorb more light, and make it look further back, giving the illusion of more space. This cool colour is calming, yet bold enough to distract from a lack of space; try adding a dreamy shade of denim or blueberry to your walls. An accent wall paired with accompanying lighter colours will add depth and dimension to a tiny room.

  9. Soft pink. A rose tone will soften and soothe. Shades of pink such as lavender or blush will add warmth and calmness to your space. Pink is a classic colour that is not too “girly” if you select the right shade – for a more gender-fluid feel, a salmon or champagne tone will boost the size of the space. Shades of pink are a subtle way to enhance the appearance of any room; it’s a light colour that is sure to please.


To make a small room look bigger, select colours that are light and airy. Or, for the more adventurous, choose an accent wall to paint with a darker shade like indigo. Pinnacle Painting can help you redo your room; we are professional Winnipeg painters with years of experience. Part of decorating is a quality paint job – leave it to the professionals, and make your small room look larger with the help of our experts. We can help you select the perfect colours to complement your home.