4 Ways To Keep Your Office Building Exterior Neat

4 Ways To Keep Your Office Building Exterior Neat

Appearances are important in a professional workspace. We place a lot of focus on how the inside of our offices look, from the furniture to the wall art. But what about its exterior? Since it’s the first thing employees and clients see as they approach the building, it’s arguably as important as the interior design. A clean office will increase productivity, reduce sick days, and boost employee morale. After reading that, you might look at your streaky windows and dirt-stained stucco differently. Here’s how you can tidy up the exterior of your business:


  • Schedule outdoor maintenance. There’s work to be done year-round when it comes to lawn care, and the nature of it changes depending on the season. In the spring and summer, the grass needs to be mowed, weeded, and fertilized. Fall brings a torrent of leaves that need to be tackled with a rake. And in winter, snow piles up in miniature mountains; you’ll need to have it shoveled so that your employees can enter the building. Make sure to have the icy sidewalk salted to prevent any slips or falls. By scheduling outdoor maintenance, these problems will no longer be a concern, and you can focus on your work. 


  • Arrange for garbage removal services. Nothing says negligence like a yard full of trash. Even if it isn’t your garbage, it’s important to tidy up; it’s good for the environment and your company’s image. Who wants to visit a business where the lawn is strewn with plastic bags, takeout containers, and soda cans? If you have staff members who smoke, provide an outdoor ashtray so that cigarette butts don’t accumulate in the yard. When you take the time to present a clean, well-maintained exterior, your customers will be impressed


  • Wash the windows. It’s one thing to wash your windows from inside, but another to clean them from the exterior – especially if your office is on a high floor. But this extra effort makes all the difference. Not only will it allow sunshine to stream indoors, but those outside will have a clear view of your stylish office space. Glossy, shiny windows make for a neat and tidy exterior; they show off the architectural qualities of the building and demonstrate your attention to detail. Once the windows are clean, take the opportunity to hang plants in front of them. They will soak up the sun’s rays and give your office a green touch. 


  • Repaint it. A great way to update the exterior is by applying a fresh coat of paint. You can rebrand your business according to sleek, modern shades. Those who drive by your building every day will see it in a new light when all the colours have been refreshed. Painting the exterior can repair cosmetic damages like chips, cracks, and blemishes. At Pinnacle Painting, we offer indoor and outdoor office painting in Winnipeg so that your place of work is impressive to clients and staff. We follow a diligent process of prepping, painting, and cleaning. Give us a call to set up a meeting with an estimator and receive a quote.