Why Is It Beneficial To Get Your Warehouse Painted?

Why Is It Beneficial To Get Your Warehouse Painted?

They say that nothing lasts forever. Even the most high-quality paint deteriorates after many years have passed. When you take a look at your warehouse building, you may notice that it’s due for a touch-up. 

With any business expense, you must consider the cost-benefit analysis. You might already know why painting your storefront or office is important—but what about the warehouse? It’s not a place where you typically serve customers, but it still represents your business.

Painting your warehouse can benefit your company in several ways:


Paint Protects Your Building

Paint does more than improve your building’s appearance—it also protects it against structural damage. A few layers of high-quality paint can preserve your building for many years. 

As soon as the paint begins to crack or peel, it can’t protect the material underneath from damage. Water from rain or melting snow can seep into these cracks, causing mould issues or water damage. It also gives a space for pests to enter the facility, including roaches and rodents.  

Scheduling a paint job for your warehouse will fortify it against weather conditions, pest problems, and water damage.


Save On Utility Bills

Different colours are better at reflecting heat or absorbing it. In a city as cold as Winnipeg, you want to save on heating costs however you can. By painting your warehouse a darker colour, it will absorb more light energy, and thereby give your furnace a little break.


It Makes A Great First Impression

Even if customers aren’t visiting the interior of your warehouse, they’ll still drive by it occasionally. If you let it fall into dishevelment, they are sure to take notice. 

However, they’ll also notice a warehouse that’s freshly painted. Choosing neutral shades is just fine, but you might decide to go for a colour scheme that matches your branding. That’s sure to leave a positive impression on those who drive by—they’ll know exactly whose warehouse they’re seeing. 


Fresh Paint Will Motivate Your Staff

Imagine the surprise of your employees when they arrive at work to see a freshly painted building! It will certainly increase their motivation.

No one wants to be at a workplace that’s worn down and dingy. One that has a fresh paint job will put a pep in their step. It shows that you’re dedicated to making the workspace better for your staff members. In turn, this can increase productivity and boost employee retention rates.


Improve Its Resale Value

Like we mentioned earlier, nothing lasts forever. It might be time to sell your current warehouse and upgrade to one with more capacity. If so, you should consider painting it before you list it. It’s a quick way to immediately improve the appearance and durability of the building. Fresh paint is enticing to potential buyers because they know they won’t have to do the work themselves!


Pinnacle Painting can help you positively transform your warehouse. We are commercial painters in Winnipeg that have completed hundreds of projects, from exterior to interior work. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide a quote for your project.