What Are Industrial Coatings?

What Are Industrial Coatings?

When was the last time you took a tour through a warehouse and paid attention to the different types of paint? Many people take the aesthetics of a warehouse for granted, but these looks and styles might be doing more than meets the eye. Professional painters know the quality and benefit of sturdy industrial coatings. 


Here at Pinnacle Painting, we can help you outfit your industrial setting with the right coatings. If you need to learn more about industrial coatings and what they can offer you, here’s a crash course: 


What are Industrial Coatings? 

The short answer is that industrial coatings are a specific type of paint that is applied to surfaces like concrete and steel. It is typically thicker than normal paint and has more properties that are useful for an industrial setting. 


When applying an industrial coating, you have to do more than simply roll out a thin layer of paint and pay attention to drips. The process starts with a quality primer, then the actual industrial coating, and ends with a sealant. 


What are Industrial Coatings Used For? 

Many people assume that industrial coatings are used just for the aesthetic value, and this is partially true. Painting gives things a unique look that can tie into the  company’s brand and make the workplace appear much brighter, cleaner, and inviting. However, they serve more than just aesthetics. 


Industrial coatings are most often used to protect the surfaces underneath them. Because they are typically applied to concrete or steel, the purpose of industrial coatings is often to prevent corrosion. Depending on the specific industry where these industrial coatings are used, they may also be flame-resistant. Specific coatings help protect expensive equipment, tools, and structural elements in a warehouse or other industrial setting. 


Because industrial coatings protect the item underneath, these elements do not need to be replaced as often. While painting them can be an initial investment, it saves money in the long run because your expensive steel and concrete elements will be protected for many years.


Types of Industrial Coatings

Most people don’t realize that there are many types of industrial coatings. Most are created using a variety of typical polymers that can include epoxy, polyurethane, fluoropolymer, and moisture cure urethane. Some of these same items are applied to home furniture to make it durable for the long haul. They can be applied with traditional rollers, brushes, or airless sprayers depending on the type selected.


Industrial Coatings for Protection

Many businesses could benefit from industrial coatings. They can protect equipment and help you get more life out of the most important elements of your business. If you are ready to commit to a coat of paint, be sure to give Pinnacle Painting a call. We are the premier painting group in Winnipeg that can help you with all your industrial and commercial painting services