Tips for Painting Your Commercial Property

Tips for Painting Your Commercial Property

A good paint job revives, beautifies and increases a commercial building’s integrity.  Paint also serves as a primary defense against weather, insects and other damage. Just for these reasons, it’s important to take sufficient time to come up with a painting plan, establish what colours and shades to choose, the type of paint to use, and the criteria for hiring the best professional commercial painting contractors. We’ll take an in-depth look at each of these factors as we give you some pro tips for each.

A Painting Plan

To minimize inconveniences, painting a commercial property should be approached strategically. The person in charge of the painting project should come up with a step-by-step plan on how to carry out the project. It’s generally easier to come up with a painting plan for new buildings since certain inconveniencies are absent while painting a commercial property that is already occupied comes with its fair share of complications. The project manager must establish when certain rooms are unoccupied and come up with a plan that schedules painting at the most convenient times.

For instance, the busiest areas with the most traffic can be painted over the weekends when everyone is out of the office. Managers can also take advantage of long holidays to revamp commercial spaces with paint. Still on planning, some seasons (such as the dry ones) are better to undertake painting than others. All of these factors make for strategic planning.

Choice of Colours

Painting a commercial building is different from painting your residential home in that, the latter allows you to use colours that represent your personality. When painting a commercial property however, there are a lot more factors that come into play such as the impression you want to make, the effect of the colour choice on those working inside the building, the difference between the exterior colours and the interior and a lot more. If you want a dazzling masterpiece that catches the attention of the public outside yet improves the productivity of those working inside, talking to a colour consultant will help.

A colour consultant can also help you select the right type of paint. Do you go with fast-drying, water-based, low or no VOC coating system? Selecting the right paint reduces the frequency of maintenance and repair.

Finding the Right Contractor

Amidst so many painting companies all promising stellar results, how do you sieve the good from the bad? And the good from the best? The easiest way to go about this is to look at their track records look at their past work and references. What are their previous customers saying in their reviews? Have they painted commercial buildings before? Hiring the best professional contractors will absolutely differentiate between a shoddy job that demands repairs every now and then or a building that becomes the envy of its surroundings.

How your commercial property looks from both the inside and outside communicate volumes about how you do business. Even if the interior looks great, an exterior that looks faded, chipped and dingy can be a put-off to walk-in customers so make sure your building is creating the right impressions by giving it a fresh coat of paint.