The Best Paint Colours of 2020: New Paint Colour Trends

The Best Paint Colours of 2020: New Paint Colour Trends

As a powerful form of communication, colour is irreplaceable. It sways thinking, changes actions, and causes reactions. Colour can also irritate the eye and repulse the onlooker. That is why there are new colour trends each year. And it’s never a haphazard process. Top colour trends are decided using a long and thoughtful process that takes into consideration influences that come from art, movies, lifestyles, travel destinations, socio-economic influences, and industry trends. These are some of the best colours for 2020:

Classic Blue

Classic blue tops the list in 2020 colour trends.  The Pantone Institute, a body that has named the colour of the year for more than two decades, listed classic blue as the colour of 2020. Blue, from a psychological standpoint, represents a certain amount of calm and dependability. This colour comes in at such a time that the world is experiencing a lot of feelings of instability. This shade of blue is meant to offer reassurance, confidence, and connection that people long for in this uncertain global milieu. Given the grappling events happening across the globe, this colour reaches a wider audience beyond the design circles. Classic blue pairs well with colours like bright whites, yellows and greens.


Blush is a soft pale hue of pink. To visualize blush, think of pale peonies, roses, or the insides of seashells. Historically, boys were first dressed in pink, and then it became more of a colour for girls. In this new decade, the world of design is evolving. Many decorations in the past year were hues of pink and this represents a shift in people’s perception of this and its shades. Given its ability to make a room feel modern, blush is the new neutral to watch out for. When mixed with warmer jewel colours, blush can bring chic feel to any room. It’s no wonder one of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels, and even runaway trends reveal that shades of pink are here to stay.


White is another one of the biggest paint colour trends of 2020 and it’s easy to see why.  White is neutral, which means you can play around with décor as you wish, it has a crisp clean look, lights up a dull room, and makes a space look bigger. In a word, it’s perfect.  Some people worry that if they paint their room white, it’ll end up looking like a hospital. The reality, however, is that once you’ve arranged your furniture and hung your art pieces on the walls, you’ll be left with a beautiful room to love. If stark white feels too sterile for you, there are many other shades of white you can try out. White is one of those colours that will be beloved and revered for years; it never goes out of style.

Looking at it from a business standpoint, colour drives consumerism and so it’s no wonder that we see the constant branding and rebranding of products. When it comes to the selection of paint colour, changing your wall colours is an easy and reversible way to incorporate some of the latest interior design trends at your place of business every few years. Our painting contractors in Winnipeg can work with you to select a modern colour palette that helps revamp your space, beautifully and professionally.