Stain Vs. Paint: What’s The Best Choice For Your Wood Surfaces?

Stain Vs. Paint: What’s The Best Choice For Your Wood Surfaces?

Stain vs. Paint: What's the Best Choice for Your Wood Surfaces?Whether you are looking at wood furniture or hardwood floors, you will come up against the age-old question of how you should finish it. There are two main options you might consider: Paint or stain. Which one is the right choice for your wooden furniture or flooring to make the most of its natural beauty? 

If you have been debating the finish you want to put on your wood surfaces, here is what you need to know about stained wood versus painted wood: 

When Is Paint the Best Choice?

In general, paint is the first finish type that most people consider. Latex paint tends to be much thicker than stain and provides a more uniform look. Paint covers the swirls of the wood grain and creates wood pieces with less visual interest than more natural wood finishes. 

Some paints like chalk paint and even spray paint don’t require you to sand or do any of the prep work required by stain. For those who are in a hurry to get their project done quickly, paint might be the best route from start to finish. 

For those who want a very specific colour, paint tends to have more selection. Not to mention, you can also create a painted surface with whatever sheen and gloss level that you want. The same is harder to achieve when you stain wood. 

When Is Staining Wood the Best Choice?

On the other hand, a wood stain might be a better option for some applications. The majority of the time, a stain will be less expensive than an equivalent amount of paint. If you are looking to finish a wood surface on a budget, a gel stain might be the ideal option. 

Wood stain gets absorbed by the wood and leaves all the beautiful wood grain exposed.

Keep in mind that you will need a protective layer of polyurethane to finish it and keep the wood from incurring damage like water stains. This is an additional cost and another step in the process of getting a stained surface. 

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