Is Painting Brick A Good Idea?

Is Painting Brick A Good Idea?

That old brick building doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. Years of weather damage and dirt build-up are making you wonder: should you paint a brick exterior?

Before you grab a bucket of paint, keep in mind that bricks are a very porous material. This means that if the bricks are exposed to moisture, they will retain it. Painting bricks may cause spalling, which causes the surface of the brick to peel or flake. It can result in structural damage and/or wall rot.

Like many home improvement projects, there is a list of pros and cons you should weigh before you get to work. Here are a few things to consider:

The Benefits of Painting Brick

You can cover the appearance of damaged, worn-down bricks. Bricks lose their lustre as they age. Instantly improve the aesthetics of your home by painting the bricks and covering any imperfections. 

Refresh the appearance of your property. The bricks might naturally be a colour that’s less than ideal, like a harsh red-orange. You can modernize your home by coating them with a layer of white, grey, or blue paint.

Boost its curb appeal. Are you planning to sell your property? A new paint job will attract potential buyers. Increase the curb appeal of your property by painting the bricks.

Match the colour of the bricks to other exterior features. If you’ve changed the window shutters, door, or eavestroughs, they might not match your bricks anymore. Using paint, you can make the exterior of your home or business one cohesive colour scheme.

The Risks of Painting Brick

You can’t go back to the original appearance. It’s nearly impossible to remove paint from bricks after it has been applied. Make sure that you’re happy with the colour because it’s not a decision that’s reversible.

If it’s done incorrectly, it could cause moisture issues. Over time, the wrong type of paint will diminish the quality and appearance of the brick. Working with a professional painter can save your bricks from moisture damage.

The paint may flake and blister over time. Even if you aren’t happy with the original colour of the bricks, they’ll look worse if the paint starts chipping or flaking.

You’ll need to clean the exterior more often. The outside of your building is exposed to dirt, dust, and messy weather conditions. While the original brick colours might have done a better job of hiding dirt, it will look more obvious when the material is painted a uniform colour. You may need to clean more often to keep your exterior looking tidy.

Which Type of Paint is Best for Brick?

Here’s what not to paint your bricks with: latex or oil paint. These formulations can trap moisture within the brick, leading to structural damage.

Mineral silicate paints are generally better to use on bricks. Instead of simply covering the material, they form a chemical bond with them. Mineral paints are breathable, which makes them more compatible with masonry and less likely to trap moisture within the material.

Given the risks involved with painting brick, this is a job best left to professionals. It’s a project that involves preparation, careful planning, and precise execution.

To avoid damaging the structure of your home, call the professionals at Pinnacle Painting for exterior painting in Winnipeg. We can help you transform your bricks into the colour you’ve always wanted!