Industrial Vs. Commercial Painting: What’s The Difference?

Industrial Vs. Commercial Painting: What’s The Difference?

Many people wonder what painting services they’ll need for their business. Industrial painting and commercial painting may sound similar, but they have unique applications that set them apart from one another. Understanding the difference between commercial and industrial painting will help you speak more knowledgeably with your team.

Here’s what you need to know about the difference between industrial painting and commercial painting:

Industrial Painting

When it comes to your paint job, you need to consider the application under which you plan to use that room or building. Industrial painters are required when you have an area of your business that needs to hold up to extreme conditions. For example, you might work with very high temperatures, high traffic, or harsh chemicals.

An industrial painter should know what products and techniques to use for a long-lasting application that can hold up during your manufacturing processes.

In other words, the goal is function over beauty. While you can certainly get industrial paint jobs that look stunning, the emphasis with an industrial paint job is on creating an environment that will last for years to come, even with heavy use.

Commercial Painting

On the other hand, commercial painting is more similar to residential painting in that it’s focused on aesthetics. Commercial painting projects are designed to look great for both your employees and your customers.

When working with commercial painters, you want to be sure that you understand why they choose certain types of paint and make sure that they’re suitable for your job. For example, an experienced commercial painter can help you decide on dry times versus the durability associated with different paint types like latex or oil-based paints.

Because this is for a commercial painting job, it does differ slightly from a residential paint job. Most of the time, it is a large-scale project that requires a team of people to get things done quickly. You want to open the doors to your business as soon as possible, so getting the job done fast is essential.

What Commercial and Industrial Painters Have in Common

Both industrial and commercial painting jobs put an emphasis on speed and quality. The right company will ensure that both your commercial and industrial painting projects are done as promptly as possible. Professional industrial painters will have just as much skill and teamwork abilities as commercial or residential painters.

Of course, you want a team that knows the different types of paints and truly understands your industry to help you get the right product.

Getting Help From the Professionals

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