How To Spot Signs Of Weather Damage

How To Spot Signs Of Weather Damage

How to Spot Signs of Weather Damage

Selecting the perfect colour scheme for your exterior paint job is a great way to add a little flair to your home as well as to increase its curb appeal.  But exterior paint actually goes way beyond aesthetics.  Besides brightening up your property, exterior paint also protects it.  That’s right!  From a functional perspective, it’s the protective layer that seals off your home’s underlying structure from the elements and keeps them from degrading over time.  


Not even the highest quality paint job lasts forever, and it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your home’s exterior paint—both to keep your property looking its best and to ensure that its structural integrity doesn’t become compromised.  It’s normal for paint to deteriorate over time, especially in Winnipeg’s unforgiving climate.  But what should you be looking for?  


While some types of weather damage are easy to spot, others are more subtle.  In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common types of weather damage to watch out for when examining your Winnipeg home’s exterior paint: 


Moisture and Humidity

Though Winnipeg is not known for being humid, damp conditions in spring and fall can still take their toll on your exterior paint.  If moisture seeps into your home’s wooden structure or finds its way between paint and its substrate, it can cause chipping and peeling.  If you notice large pieces of paint flaking off, suspect moisture damage.  Likewise, pay attention to bubbling or blistering paint, which can indicate excess humidity—and can also result in issues with mould and mildew.  


Temperature Fluctuation

With infamously cold winters and extremely hot summers as well, Winnipeg is the epitome of a climate where homes are susceptible to damage from temperature fluctuation.  Keep an eye out for even small cracks in exterior paint, which can quickly spiderweb and become more pervasive.  In particular, pay attention to areas where caulking has previously been applied.  


Sun Exposure

Famous for our cold but also for our sunny, clear skies, Winnipeg homes sustain plenty of ultraviolet (UV) exposure and this can cause exterior paint to fade and weaken.  Chalking occurs when sunlight reacts with the outer layer of exterior paint, and a powdery film appears as a result.  If you notice chalking on your home’s exterior, it’s essential to address it immediately before it deteriorates into a much bigger problem.  


Wind and Hail Damage

As Winnipegers, we’re no strangers to howling winter winds and extreme thunderstorms in summer.  The wind and hail damage that can occur as a result is something to keep an eye on.  Look for chips and dents in your exterior paint as well as wear and tear from wind-blown particles (sometimes a scraped, sand-papery effect).  


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