How to Feng Shui Your Office

How to Feng Shui Your Office

Considering redecorating your doctor’s office? Is it in dire need of a new paint job? Or maybe you want to give the workplace a fast facelift? Why not think about using the principles of feng shui to develop a calm environment which is able to make your patients feel at home and welcome in your clinic. For doctor’s offices, the relaxing Feng Shui colors which enhance trust, like green, blue, pink, yellow, white, and purple are your best bet.


The commercial painters of Pinnacle Painting explores the leading Feng Shui shades for a physician’s clinic:


Wood Element: Green

The Feng Shui hue of regeneration, healing, growth, fresh energy, and renewal. Green is nourishing to health, as it’ll balance the entire body by bringing healing vibrations from Mother Nature.


Idea: An excellent method of bringing green in is by using plants with green, lush foliage, which additionally assists in purifying the air. Feng Shui–suggested indoor plants involve rubber plant, bamboo palm, ficus alli, English ivy, peace lily, and Boston fern.


Fire Element: Pink

With pink’s soothing qualities, it’s possible to use it to soften the energy within any space. Its delicate and gentle Feng Shui vibrations may have a soothing effect upon your patients.


Idea: One excellent method of bringing pink into the office environment is by using a bowl of rose quartz crystals.


Fire Element: Purple

Feng Shui masters suggest using purple moderation. Purple’s noble, mysterious, and royal character make it an extremely high vibration color. It’s possible to bring purple into the clinic in a subtle way with the use of art or pillows.


Idea: Since it’s such an intense color, choose lighter tones, such as lavender.


Earth Element: Yellow

The Feng Shui shade of sunlight. Uplifting and cheerful yellow vibes will brighten and lighten your clinic, as well as create an inviting, cozy Feng Shui feeling. Researchers on color think yellow increases self-esteem, strengthens overall well-being and health, and also has a calming effect.


Idea: Any dark, dull room with little sunlight will vastly benefit from yellow-based decor in order to compensate for the lack of light, as well as bring in the sense of the soft warmth of the sun.


Metal Element: White

The Feng Shui shade of new possibilities, cleanliness, innocence, and purity, white is thought to be among the supreme hues in ancient yogi traditions. Its energy is fresh, clean, clear, and crisp.


Idea: Use white inside your clinic to contrast bright shades; introduce it more as an accent, instead of a dominant color.


Water Element: Blue

We relate this color with the clear sky and refreshing, healing waters. Lighter blue tones are shades of gentle growth and harmonious expansion, whereby dark blue tones evoke the energy of serenity and deep calm. Blue may offer a sense of home-like safety.


Idea: Hang a wall mural that depicts clear blue waters and a tropical beach. It’s also possible to use blue glass stones and blue flowers in a clear vase that shows off your blue color