How Often Should You Repaint Your Home?

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home?

Have you been settled in your home for a while, and you’re now noticing peeling or chipped paint on the exterior? Or maybe you’ve had the same paint job for years, and you think it’s time to spice it up. There are numerous reasons why you may want to consider repainting your home, and you might be wondering how often it should happen.

We’re here to explain when it’s time to break out those paint rollers and brushes and why your home could use a new coat:

How Can You Tell When It’s Time To Repaint?

There are some telltale signs that indicate your home may need a repaint. Once you notice these signs, you should get the repaint in motion to avoid any further damage to your home. 


It’s inevitable, but your paint will fade over time; the blazing sun and weather conditions in Winnipeg, Manitoba, can do a number on your exterior paint. You may notice fading in spots where the sun shines the most compared to the shadier sides of the house. Fading is more noticeable with darker colours than light ones. That’s why most homeowners decide on lighter colours when painting their homes. 

Wear & Tear

Physical signs, such as peeling, cracking, or bubbling indicate that a repaint is needed. When you notice these blemishes, it means that the paint is no longer adhering to the exterior of the house. When peeling and cracking begin to form, moisture can penetrate and cause problems to the home’s integrity. If you start painting early enough, you can avoid the struggle of scraping bubbling paint and the risk of damage to your home. 

Noticeable Gaps 

You may notice gaps around your home that may look like the house is pulling away from your window frames and doors. Caulking the gaps can help avoid the issue of moisture leaching into the wood and causing further issues. 

Cracked Caulk

Over long periods, caulk can lose its elastic quality and become brittle. The caulk will eventually start to crack and fall away, allowing exposure to the elements. Paintable caulking is available to paint over visible cracks and mask the repair. 

How Often Should You Repaint?

Most professional painters will say that you need to paint your home every 7 to 10 years. However, the climate/weather and exterior material may vary. Every surface is different and might require more repaints than others.


If your abode is made from: 

  • Stucco: Paint jobs on stucco typically last around 5 to 6 years.
  • Wood Siding: Paint on wood siding can last around 3 to 7 years, or 4 years if it’s stained.
  • Aluminum Siding: Paint on aluminum siding can last about 5 years. 
  • Brick: Painted brick can last around 15-20 years. If not painted, it only needs occasional cleaning/maintenance. 

Repainting your home will protect its structure and add a more appealing look to your overall property. However, repainting is easier to think about than actually doing it. That’s why you should call your most reliable Winnipeg residential painting company. The crew at Pinnacle Painting provides quality services on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more!