Freshen Up Your Exterior Paint Before Your Home Hits the Market

Freshen Up Your Exterior Paint Before Your Home Hits the Market

Most people who want to sell their home will instinctively do extensive repairs inside the house – giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, refinishing the floors, and doing whatever else they need to improve the indoor aesthetics.

Unfortunately, the exterior is often forgotten and it’s not uncommon to see a fabulous looking house on the inside but with a very tired and faded appearance outside. If you’re looking to sell a home, hiring trusted painters in Winnipeg to do the exterior of your house will pique many buyer’s interests and increase the chances of a quicker sale. Here are some reasons why you should paint the exterior of your home before putting up that “Property for Sale” sign:

There are no second chances when creating first impressions. The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see the moment they walk into your yard. You will want to impress them, right at first, with an exterior that looks great. A nicely coloured exterior signifies to buyers that you have taken good care of the property and creates some good vibes even before they walk into the house.  When choosing exterior paint, although bold colours can be exciting, bright and flashy colours tend to look outdated and in many cases, out of place in a modern neighborhood. Neutral colours are a better choice because they appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. If you want to add some colour to the property and make it really pop, you can paint the trim a bolder shade.

Painting a home before placing it on the market is an excellent way to increase its value.  After all, many years of harsh weather, stains, and general wear and tear can diminish the beautiful aspects of any home. Painting is an inexpensive way to modernize a home, increase its value, and make it attractive to a wide variety of buyers. Small home improvement projects like this are a great way to increase your home’s value on a budget. When the appraiser comes to evaluate your house, a recent paint job can have a major effect on the final value. If you think painting the exterior of that property is an expensive affair, think about the ROI, and it will make sense. 

The other reason you want to paint your home before putting it up for sale is because nature can be harsh. You want to preserve the house before opening it up for showings.  Rain, sun, wind, snow, and insects are just a handful of natural elements that could potentially damage your home. Peeled paint will not do a great job preventing moisture seepage which promotes the growth of mould and mildew. But to a great degree, the right paint will stop decay from happening because paint acts as a shield-like protective outer coating for your home.

Overall, buyers shy from rugged-looking neglected homes. So, do yourself a favour and when engaged in the highly choreographed dance of repairs required to prepare a home for a quick, valuable sale, make painting the exterior part of this endeavor.