Different Types Of Paint Brushes

Different Types Of Paint Brushes

Have you ever visited a hardware store, and felt overwhelmed at the wall of paint brushes before you? Just as there are many different types of paint, there is also an assortment of different paint brushes. You can find brushes that come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and materials. 

We’re going to provide an overview of the different paint brushes available, and which applications they work best for:


Types of Brushes

There’s no one-size-fits-all paint brush; each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The shape, firmness, and length of the bristles all affect the finish of your paint job. 

Based on the unique conditions and dimensions of your project, a professional painter will select a brush that delivers a smooth, even finish. Here are a few of the most common paint brushes:


Angled Brush

The sharp edge of this brush is ideal for creating clean lines. Angled brushes work great when you’re using painter’s tape to create precise designs on interior walls. The angled bristles can easily fit in cramped spaces, like between a door and a wall. Painters can use the sharp edge to create a streak-free finish


Flat Brush

This is one of the most common types of paint brushes. A large, flat brush can be used for painting interior walls, while a smaller one is better for coating trim and doors.

Sometimes, flat brushes also feature tapered edges. The staggered tips help apply the paint more evenly and give the painter more control over the brush.


Round Brush

These brushes work well for specific applications. As you might expect, a round brush works best on surfaces that are also rounded, such as window trim.


Roller Brush

A roller brush is ideal for large surface areas. It can distribute the paint evenly over walls, ceilings, and more. Roller brushes allow professional painters to get the job done quickly and cleanly.


Types of Bristles

Bristles affect the way that paint is distributed along a surface. Depending on whether you’re using water-based or oil-based paint, you might choose one type of brush hair over another. In general, there are two main types of bristles used in paint brushes:



These paint bristles are taken from animals like camels, oxen, squirrels, and hogs. They’re typically used with oil-based paints rather than water-based ones, as natural hairs are quite absorbent. 



Synthetic bristles might be made of polyester, nylon, or a combination of the two. It’s more common to use synthetic brushes with water-based paints. Due to their firm bristles, they’re perfect for painting detailed surfaces.



These brushes aren’t used as often as the others we’ve listed here, but they work well in specific circumstances. For example, foam brushes are often used to apply finishes or topcoats.


There’s more to a paint job than selecting a colour and getting to work. You also must consider which brush will work best for your purposes. Even after that, you’ll also need to prep the surface, protect other items from paint, and apply the product perfectly. 

For that, you’ll want to hire a Winnipeg painting company. At Pinnacle Painting, we know when to use a flat brush or a paint roller. We’ll use the right tools for your project, whether it’s in a residential or commercial building. Contact us today to receive a quote.