Commercial Painting For Custom Home Builders

Commercial Painting For Custom Home Builders

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to live in a house that was built just for them? The job of custom home builders is to fulfill these projects, and it’s no easy task. They have to construct a house that’s based on specific details outlined by the client. Those who want a custom home built tend to have very particular tastes; they want it to look just as they envisioned it, and for it to be completed as soon as possible. It’s a big undertaking for any construction team. To help with this overwhelming task, why not hire commercial painters to look after the walls and exterior surfaces? Here are some reasons why you should consider commercial painters for your custom home project:


With commercial painters, you can trust that the job will be done well. At Pinnacle Painting, we follow a very specific process each time we begin a job to ensure excellent final results. We take the time to thoroughly prepare a surface before applying any paint so that it lasts and looks flawless. Any appliances nearby will be covered up so that they aren’t splattered with paint. We apply as many coats as needed to create an opaque finish. After we’re done, we thoroughly clean the surrounding area so you won’t even know we were there!


It will speed up the building process. There’s a lot of project management that goes into custom home building. With so many variables, a lot of things can go wrong. How do you stick to your deadline? One way to save time is to give some work to a commercial painter; the time that your crew would have spent painting could be used for other aspects of the project, like construction, installation of appliances, or application of building materials. Your construction crew can focus on other tasks while a commercial painter coats the exterior and interior walls of the home. In the end, the custom home will be completed faster.


Your clients will be more satisfied. As custom home builders, you have experience in a wide range of areas. But you might not feel as confident in your painting abilities as you do with some of your other skills. Your clients may have very particular demands about the colours and finishes in different areas of their custom homes. A commercial painter has the supplies and expertise to give clients just what they envision, down to the specific shades and finishes they desire. 


Professional painters can help develop a cohesive colour scheme. Not all clients know what will look best in their custom home. They might need a consultation about what exterior paints will suit the environment surrounding their home, or what wall colours will match their floors and appliances. We can work with clients to find colours for each room of the house that will match their vision.


To finish building a custom home on time and deliver quality results, consider hiring a commercial painting team to help you with the project. At Pinnacle Painting, we’re happy to work with construction crews to help clients’ dreams come true. Our commercial painters in Winnipeg have the dedication and experience to see a project to completion. Contact us today to receive high-quality work from expert painters.