Commercial Painters and Residential Painters

Commercial Painters and Residential Painters

Owning a residence is already quite a bit of work; you need to take care of your yard, any maintenance around the house, property taxes, and more. Anyone who owns a commercial building knows that the work involved in upkeep is quite a bit more complicated than for residences, especially if you’re renting out to other commercial tenants! These complexities mean you want a specialized commercial painter to repaint your business; they have a wide variety of tools and techniques that simply aren’t available to residential painters. In this post, we’ll take a look at the difference between the two, and why it’s important to hire professional commercial painters for your business.

Residential painters deal with residential clients. That means they can run on a pretty narrow schedule – there’s no need for them to start work at midnight, and in fact, that would probably aggravate most residential clients. The materials they need to work with are varied, no doubt, from stucco to brick, but not quite as diverse as what you might expect on a residential property. The scale of the projects is also necessarily smaller; yes, these painters might end up painting a mansion, but even a mansion is nothing compared to, say, a shopping mall or a hospital.

Commercial painters, conversely, are well equipped to deal with large scale projects. They’ll offer painting services for a wide variety of materials, and they’ll go above and beyond just paint, offering epoxy coatings for floors, sandblasting, and industrial coatings. They’ll have the equipment to tackle all sizes of buildings, things like cherry pickers to reach up to the highest spots. They’ll have a much larger team than what’s typically available from their residential cousins, allowing them to complete a job quickly and efficiently. They’ll also offer more flexible hours than their residential counterparts; some businesses are open to clients until 10 ‘o’clock at night, and these businesses would be well served by a painting company that’s willing to work through the night.

Commercial projects are often a team effort, and that’s another reason why commercial painting companies shine. They’re well-versed at co-ordinating schedules and work with other contractors, so you don’t end up in a bind when your flooring contractor and painting contractor show up on the same day. Their teams will also have all the credentials necessary to complete contract work; they’ll be bonded and insured, so you have peace of mind.

Winnipeg’s commercial growth has always been modest, and that’s not a bad thing; it means that new businesses that are opening are meeting demand, and that competition is at a sustainable level. In short, it’s not a bubble. All the more reason to ensure your building looks it’s absolute best; you want to attract high-quality clients, and take advantage of a market that’s open to new opportunities. With our diverse commercial painting services, you can make the building your own stand out in the crowd.