Best Wall Colours To Go With Hardwood Floors

Best Wall Colours To Go With Hardwood Floors

Did you recently have all new hardwood floors installed in your home? From the grand entrance all the way through your living room, hardwood floors can make an impressive statement in your home. They are known to increase the resale value of your property, make cleaning easier, and totally boost the appearance of your home. 


Once you make this major change, you’ll probably want to invest in changing the colours of your walls as well. Which wall colours are going to go best with your new hardwood floors? Here is a quick guide to choosing the perfect paint colours: 


Whites and Creams

Are you looking for a timeless colour that will match any style of hardwood floor? Whites and slightly off-whites or creams are classic shades that will never let you down. They are great for small rooms because they really make areas seem brighter and more inviting. If you do not have much natural light in your home, white and cream walls can make up for it. Remember that there are dozens of shades of white. Choose one with warm or cool undertones depending on what shade your hardwood floors are. 



Light grey walls have been a huge trend in modern home design for years now. In fact, many hardwood floors even have grey tones to them. If you have a floor that has hints of grey or greige undertones, then you might want to consider painting your walls in a coordinating colour. Look for shades that have the right undertones for your floor. Grey can be a particularly tricky colour because it can have so many different undertones. 


The only caution to choosing grey walls is if you have predominantly grey floors. In this case, you might want to consider going with white or cream. It can simply be too much of one colour to create the type of contrast you want between your walls and your floors. 


Beige or Greige

If you want something a bit darker than cream, then you might want to consider a beige or greige colour. Beige is a well-known colour, but greige is growing in popularity. Technically, greige is a combination of both beige and cooler grey tones. Both of these colours are still neutral shades that can complement your hardwood floors, but they give a slightly warmer feel to your home with their darker colours. These are not going to brighten up a room or make it feel more open, so only use them if you have bigger rooms, some natural light, and/or windows. 


Choosing the Perfect Painters

If you aren’t sure what colour to paint your walls, be sure to sample a few shades before you decide. When it is time to paint your home, get things done quickly and cleanly by hiring the professionals. Pinnacle Painting will provide you with the best house painters in Winnipeg so that your job is done professionally in no time at all!