Benefits of Stucco

Benefits of Stucco

Stucco: it has been among the most sought-after outside wall finishes for numerous years (it isn’t an inside wall finish such as drywall as some people mistakenly believe).  Whether you want to renovate an older house or if it is used for new house construction, there are advantages related to both methods. As one of the most fashionable and durable methods of dressing up your house, as well as change its curb appeal, stucco is the choice of finish for the majority of homeowners, especially in Winnipeg. Here, the stucco repair professionals of Pinnacle Painting list the benefits of stucco.


Stucco is an Outside Finish

Even though stucco has an amazing appearance, it generally is utilized for the exterior of properties.  General contractors are going to advise that you use stucco only for the exterior of your residence and advise that you use additional finishes like drywall with an orange peel texture or knockdown texture for the interior of your house.


The Advantages of Stucco


As one of the most sought-after outside finishes for businesses and homes, there are, without a doubt, a number of advantages related to stucco.


Long-Lasting and Durable


As you choose an exterior home finish, you are going to want to select a material that will stand up to weathering, as well as cold and hot temperatures.  Stucco outlasts vinyl and wood, and it even has shown to be more durable than brick. The majority of homeowners in a variety of climates have utilized stucco for years because it resists the detriments related to rain, snow, as well as harsh winds.


Maintenance Free


One other advantage related to stucco is that it’s basically maintenance-free. Compared with other materials like siding, stucco doesn’t have to be repeatedly reinstalled or painted.  It may assist you in saving an ample quantity of money regarding home improvements. In addition, you will not need to be concerned with the maintenance of this particular finish.


Fire Resistant


In conjunction with stucco’s durability, it also is fire resistant.  And with that said, there are a number of insurance providers that will offer you the chance to save money on insurance premiums if you actually install stucco.  Homeowners are going to have the ability to save hundreds by installing stucco.


Increase in Market Value


With the increasing popularity of this finish, as well as the classic style it brings to a home’s exterior, it is possible to expect to have a rise in market value as you place your house up for sale.  Your profits are going to be much greater than the price you paid to have the stucco put in.


Stucco may be painted in virtually any color you can imagine, while still keeping the textured appearance which makes it so desirable. At Pinnacle Painting, we are professionals at stucco painting and repair. Whether you are looking to refresh the appearance of your house, you are building a new house that needs a new coat, or you need to revitalize your business, we’re able to help.