Benefits of Exterior Stain Colors

Benefits of Exterior Stain Colors

When your home’s exterior needs a fresh coat, chances are that you automatically imagine paint. Have any idea that a stain may be a better match? According to the Winnipeg painting services of Pinnacle Painting, exterior stain spotlights wood’s beauty better than paint will, and the flatter finish will complement a rough surface. As stain may require more consistent application, as your house does require a fresh coat, the staining process shows to be a lot simpler than that of painting. If your house might benefit from a color stain, look at the following stain colors from Behr, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.


Behr Stains 

Behr makes stains which permit the beauty of wood to really shine through and offer protection against weather elements. Behr’s Solid Color House and Fence Wood Stain product line offers 82 customized colors based upon its exterior paint shades.


Benjamin Moore Stains 

Cedar – The color within the Exterior Finish Deck and Siding Translucent Alkyd product line enhances the beauty of ipe, teak, and mahogany, while assisting in protecting wood from mildew and aging.


Silver Gray – From Benjamin Moore’s Alkyd Transparent Stain product line, the color changes as it weathers and ages. It begins whiter than gray and changes silvery over a period of time. Also, this stain might work well on coastal houses. The line additionally offers protection from sun, mildew, and abrasion.


Sherwin-Williams Stains 

Redwood – This stain’s mahogany tones does not overpower a wood grain. Instead, it allows the grain to add depth to the general appearance of the exterior.


Blue Shadow – If you’re lucky enough to own a shoreside property, the slate blue of this color stain fits in nicely.


Cider Mill – The rich yet light brown has a hint of red running all throughout, which makes it complementary for country properties around the country.


Ficus – The mossy green stain from Sherwin-William’s WoodScapes Semi-Transparent, Exterior Polyurethane House Stain product line proves ideal for houses tucked into the forest.


All these stains derive from Sherwin-Williams’ Woodscapes product line, a thick, rich formula which penetrates wood surfaces to offer protection from weather elements. It’s available in twenty-four shades overall and also may be tinted to craft customized colors.


How to Get Started 

As you select a color stain for the outside of your residence, consult an expert painting company. Pro painters are going to perform all the required prep work to your property’s exterior and ensure long-lasting and immaculate results.


Bring a pro painter into the process early on if you just can’t make up your mind concerning a color. He’ll look into the shades on the shortlist, as well as apply several samples to the outside of your house. This way, it’s possible to see precisely how every stain is going to look on the wood all through the day as the lighting changes. An expert painter also may suggest options you may not have thought about, as he has familiarity with fresh stain colors in the marketplace and quickly can choose ones which will work with the texture, grain, and color of your property’s wood.