Accent Walls Tips: The Essential Dos & Don’ts

Accent Walls Tips: The Essential Dos & Don’ts

It feels like your home is missing something. You’re happy with the wall colours you’ve chosen, but something isn’t quite right. You want something a bit different, a little more exciting. Have you considered adding an accent wall?

Accent walls can:

  • Make a room feel bigger
  • Add more dimension in an ordinary space
  • Create a different section in a large room

Thinking about adding an accent wall to your home? Make note of these essential dos and don’ts:


Do: Take a Risk!

Accent walls are your opportunity to make a bold, daring, and unique choice. The whole point of an accent wall is to accentuate a select area of a room. Choose a colour that stands out. After all, you’re only committing to painting a single wall with it. Worst case scenario, you change your mind and only need to repaint a small area. 


Don’t: Choose Too Many Colours

We recommend sticking to one accent wall per room. Picking two or three will dilute the effect; the room will feel like a collage of colours rather than a carefully designed palette. 

Having a hard time landing on a colour palette? You can try this online tool called Coolors. It’s easy to make a custom palette and compare how different accents might look among other colours. 


Do: Consider Placement

When a room has an accent wall, the eye is naturally drawn to it. What other features might someone notice? If you want to draw attention away from certain areas of your home, an accent wall can work for or against you. 

For example, one area of the room may have a lower ceiling, which you want to conceal. Using an accent colour near the ceiling will have the opposite of that effect; it will only make people pay more attention to it. Instead, use an accent colour on the other side of the room.

In your home, try to select one or two rooms for an accent wall. Here are a few rooms where accent walls work great:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Home offices

On the other hand, rooms where accent walls might not be the best choice, include:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage areas

Of course, each home is unique, and what works best in yours might be different from our suggestions. 


Don’t: Choose a Wall with Too Many Interruptions 

Along the walls, we often see windows, framed portraits, and doors. These elements break up an ordinary wall, but they might be distracting on an accent wall. Don’t let interruptions steal the spotlight from your accent wall. When you’re picking the placement, try to choose a smooth, blank wall.

If the room already has a lot going on, an accent wall may not be the best choice. It could make a busy room feel too crowded. In addition, you want to choose somewhere that a wall will stand out—not a dark corner where it will be forgotten. 


Do: Think About Decorations

If your room already has a large decoration (like a painting, wallpaper, or fabric with patterns), the accent wall might clash with it. Instead, choose a colour that complements your decorations.


Do: Hire a Professional Painter

You only need to paint one wall—how hard could it be? 

A DIY paint job might make an accent wall stand out for all the wrong reasons. Our professional painters will ensure that your wall is painted to perfection. You can’t replicate the look that a professional painter in Winnipeg offers. Contact Pinnacle Painting today!