A Proper Paint Quote Should Include These 4 Things

A Proper Paint Quote Should Include These 4 Things

When people decide to paint their homes, they often think they can get an accurate quote by giving a company their square footage over the phone.

BUYER BEWARE — if someone gives you a quote this way, you’re likely going to end up with a surprise on your final bill, and not in a good way.

Getting a quote with Pinnacle is different. We’ll take you through the entire process —from measurements to picking paint colours if needed!

1. An In-Depth Walk-through

The walk-through is where we learn about your goals for space. Are you looking for a quick facelift to sell your home? Or are you wanting to fix deeper issues so you can comfortably live in it forever? During this time we make sure to address any concerns we may have and give you options for dealing with them.

2. Proper Measurements

Once we’ve gone over your goals, we take measurements of each wall to make sure we accurately quote you on how much paint is needed, and how much time the project will take.

3. Any Personal Essentials

For some, a personal essential means using pet-friendly paint, and for others, it’s going the extra mile to tarp off a neighbour’s fence who’s very “particular” about their yard. Yes, we’ve dealt with both of these scenarios, and yes, we can help!

4. The Paint and Finish

You may already have your perfect colour picked out and ready to go. If that’s the case, we applaud you for being so prepared! But if not, this is where we go over the fun stuff. Pinnacle partners with the best paint companies around, and we have swatches of every colour imaginable. If you choose a colour that will require a coat of primer and extra coats of paint to get a smooth result, we make sure you know so you’re not surprised by the extra labour costs.

When all is said and done, your custom quote will be ready in under an hour. Then, it’s just a matter of bringing your vision to life!

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