7 Tips For Choosing Lobby Paint Colours

7 Tips For Choosing Lobby Paint Colours

The lobby: it’s the first room that clients see when they enter your hotel, apartment building, or reception area. Picking paint colours for this room is a balancing act – you want to create an inviting atmosphere without it being so dull that it puts onlookers to sleep. How do you design a cutting-edge lobby?


  • Choose a cohesive theme and concept. Before you break out a paint brush, decide on the overall story that you want your walls to tell. You can use colours to set up a theme. Perhaps you want a light and airy lobby – neutral and cool walls will create this feeling beautifully. Or, if you want your space to feel like a beach, you might choose a rich ocean blue or an emerald green. 


  • Make it connect to adjacent areas. What other rooms are near your lobby? A shade that perfectly suits your reception area might contradict nearby rooms. You want the colours to look congruent with accompanying areas, so take the time to match your lobby with surrounding walls.


  • Consider the size and layout of the lobby. Different paint colours can make a room look smaller or bigger. Depending on the effect you want to have, you may want to consider the size of your lobby, and whether you want to emphasize or de-emphasize it. If you want it to look larger, select a shade that’s light and cool. Make your space feel cozier by choosing colours that are dark and warmer.


  • Pick a shade that enhances other elements. There are more than just your walls to think about when it comes to redecorating – you also have to consider the elements that surround them. Does your lobby feature a vibrant and patterned carpet? If your ceiling is made of oak panels, you can accentuate them with a complementary wall colour. Take nearby details into account when selecting a new shade for your walls.


  • Factor in the lighting. A bucket of paint can look one way in a hardware store, but it can take on unexpected tones when it’s under a different set of lights. Consider the hues of your lighting when selecting a new shade, and how they might bring out undertones in the colour. Does your lobby feature warm floor lamps and wall sconces? Artificial light makes cool tones look duller. If your reception area is full of windows, the natural light will make colours more intense


  • Create a welcoming space. You can match the colours on the wall to the mood you’re trying to create. When it comes to lobbies, you want guests to feel welcomed and relaxed. Select a shade on the colour wheel that reflects this atmosphere.


  • Add complimentary décor. Bring out the elegance of your brand new walls by pairing up with matching decorations. Well thought-out furniture and artwork will be the finishing touches to making your lobby a warm and comforting area. Bring out your new wall colours with matching area rugs or throw pillows.


Impress your patrons with a lobby that is tasteful, elegant, and exciting. Looking for commercial painting services in Winnipeg? Pinnacle Painting can help; our painters have the expertise to revamp your reception area. We can help you settle on the perfect design for your property. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to design an inviting space for your hotel, condo, or apartment building lobby.