6 Wall Colours That Are Proven To Boost Sales

6 Wall Colours That Are Proven To Boost Sales

You’ve gone through every technique in the book to try increasing your sales. But have you ever considered the wall colour of the room you’re selling in? The influence that different colours have on our mood is significant; we may not be consciously aware of it, but it has sway in our decision-making processes. When a client is on the fence about a sale, the shade of the room may be what tips the scales. Here are a few colours that can increase your sales:


1) Green

We associate the colour green with optimism, positivity, and life. It’s an exciting shade for any start-up business. Green rooms give an air of friendliness and vibrancy. You can select a soft pastel shade or a deep evergreen. If your business is environmentally friendly, a green wall will highlight this selling point. 


2) Black

A black wall is a bold choice. It conveys authority and intelligence. Black walls can give strength to your arguments with their opaqueness. Too much black can make a room feel dark; try to use this shade in areas with natural light. When you bring a client to an office with a black wall, they’ll notice the luxurious feel of the room. It can also draw the eye to contrasting shades, which will highlight the artistry of your brand.


3) Red

There’s a reason you see this shade in the most popular brand logos. Something about it commands our attention; it’s impossible to ignore. A red wall exudes confidence and charisma. It’s a statement shade that your customers are sure to notice. Some studies show that this colour causes physiological changes like increased heart rate and breathing. Red can be so intense that it’s overpowering; rather than paint all four walls red, choose one as an accent wall.


4) Blue

The colour blue has an undeniably reassuring and trustworthy quality about it. Maybe it’s because we associate it with the calming water in the ocean, or because it’s the shade of the sky. Very few people are opposed to the colour blue, so it’s a people-pleaser for sure. A dark blue wall will create an atmosphere of reliability that you may need to help close more sales. 


5) White

A white wall is clean, modern, and light. Many clients will feel comfortable in a white room because the walls are a common and familiar shade. It complements other design choices like leafy plants and wall art. With white walls, the focus will be on your sales pitch, not the surrounding paint. 


6) Purple

This shade is associated with royalty and indulgence. It may inspire your clients to upgrade their lifestyle and purchase your products or services. There’s nothing wrong with showing your feminine side; if you’re targeting a female audience, purple can play to your strengths, since it’s in the top 3 of women’s favourite colours. Purple makes a great accent shade with other colours like white and black—use it to give a playful edge to your branding.


In the process of a sale, several subconscious cues influence a customer’s purchasing decision; the colour of your walls is one of those cues. You can adapt your sales approach to the wall colours that you choose. Pinnacle Painting offers quality painting services in Winnipeg. We’ll be happy to help transform your workplace into a sales-boosting office.