6 Tips For Choosing Interior Paint Colours

6 Tips For Choosing Interior Paint Colours

The colours you choose for your walls are a fundamental part of your home’s interior design. But with so many pigments and finishes available in the market, it may seem impossible to know where to start. But as you stand staring at your walls holding a handful of paint swatches, these tips will make the process quick and painless:


  • Pick the Hues You Love

You want your home to represent your personality so instead of selecting colours just because they are trending, one of the easiest methods for choosing a colour scheme is to list all your favourite colours. When you do this, you can zero in on your favourite and use it as the base around which you come up with a scheme. You can use a colour wheel to come up with colours that complement your favourite one.


  • Test Your Colour Choice

Nowadays, almost all paint brands have testers available. For just a few dollars, you can buy a few testers to try on your walls before purchasing gallons of a colour you may not like in the end. Apply different shades on the wall and see how you like each. You could also apply the testers to a board and hold it up against your furniture, blinds, and other items in the room to see which work well.


  • Find Paint Colour Inspiration

With the access to thousands of online magazines and catalogues, you’ll definitely find something that inspires you. Also, retailer sites and paint company sites can teach you ways to use colour in your home. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can also offer you colour inspiration. Pinterest provides an option to create an inspiration board for your favourite ideas. This way you can keep all your ideas in one spot.


  • Consider the Ambience You Want to Create

Different rooms in a house have different functions so naturally, each should have a unique ambience and colour plays a major role in creating moods. If you want your bedroom to exude a peaceful, soothing ambience, you need to go for soft colours with cool hues. However, if you want your living room more vibrant and full of energy, the colours you select should be warmer and brighter. Basically, let the ambience you want to create in each room guide your colour choices. Learning some colour psychology can help you with this.


  • Consider Lighting

Lighting greatly affects how colour appears. For example, how one colour appears in natural light may not be how it appears under incandescent lighting. This is why paint stores have light boxes for you to test out different colours. Normally, natural daylight allows colours to retain their authenticity. Incandescent lighting, on the other hand, brings out warm tones. Once you settle on your colour choices, paint them on a small board at home and see how they look under the lighting in your house.


  • Consider the Colours in Other Rooms

Although each room in your house may seem self-contained, they are all interconnected. For a more visually cohesive house, you need to coordinate the colours. This is not to mean that you should paint only one colour in all the rooms of your house. Rather, there needs to be a flow in how colours change from one room to another.

Choosing the right colours for your home’s interior can be challenging, but our reliable painters in Winnipeg are here to help you select colour schemes that work well together to create various moods in the different rooms of your house.