5 Problems with Floors and Walls Faced While Remodeling

5 Problems with Floors and Walls Faced While Remodeling

There are several problems that might be lurking in your walls and underneath the floorboards right now. That is why the painting contractors of Pinnacle Painting chose to list the 5 most typical home renovation issues that most folks come across whenever they are dealing with floors and walls:


It is A Load Bearing Wall

Damaging or getting rid of load bearing walls may cause all types of structural damage to a home, and among the most typical issues homeowners face while attempting to remodel to make some room for a more open floor plan is encountering into them. Even as they attempt to make a broader space for a window or door, they may contribute to structural damage. However, it does not mean that they’re completely immovable, as headers may be put in their place in order to carry the weight that’s concentrating in that space, yet be wary that an eligible engineer ought to be the one to calculate the material and size of a header.



Asbestos will pose a threat as it is broken down by being sanded or scraped, and it may cause serious lung damage if it’s inhaled. Whether you are remodeling what is behind or beneath ancient floors and walls, like insulation, plumbing, adhesives, HVAC insulation, and more, you ought to call a professional to assess the space, and employ a team of professionals that have the suitable protective equipment if you need to remove it. 

Lead Paint

As with asbestos, undisturbed lead paint that’s still in great shape won’t pose a threat. However, the issues start when it’s peeling, chipping, or otherwise breaking down; therefore, it is best that you initially test for it and call an expert team to safely remove it so you may work on your project without worrying about damaging your health.


Poor Floor Refinishing

Among the most typical bad refinishing jobs is leaving drum streak marks that have the sander all over the floor because of malfunctions, lack of experience, or rushing the job. This also can lead to a finish that is all gritty and full of dirt or dust. In a field in which everyone’s hurrying to be the quickest and cheapest, occasionally what you save in these two aspects is going to cost you double in general quality.


Running into Wiring or Plumbing

Home are built by all types of people, and at times, these folks are not the most dedicated or experienced workers. That may mean that unrelated, new owners might run into all kinds of trouble with the structure of their home years down the road without any way of knowing how the plumbing and wiring are holding together behind walls and underneath the floor and it’s among the main bathroom renewal pitfalls it’s possible to face. You can attempt to bring down a wall that you didn’t know had a rush-job of an electrical repair behind it, and right now not even your power tools work. It might be very dangerous; therefore, if you own an old home, get professionals to assist you in identifying possible risks and how to work around them.