4 Most Popular Garage Floor Coatings

4 Most Popular Garage Floor Coatings

Homeowners everywhere will readily admit that the appearance of their garage is usually the last thing on their priority list. They may make the effort to hang drywall and paint the interior, but this is as far as it goes. Most people never realize that they could make a major change to the appearance of their garage with a simple garage floor coating. 


This one single change could make your space appear more inviting or boost the resale value of your property. However, there are several different options that you can choose from. How do you decide which garage floor coating is right for you? Let’s compare the different options so that you can make a wise decision. 




If you want to take a cheap DIY route, concrete paint might be your first consideration. It is a slightly more durable finish compared to what you would roll out on your drywall. It comes in both oil-based and latex-based options, depending on what you want the finished product to resemble. Oil-based paints require a primer coat, have a higher gloss, and are a slightly more durable option compared to latex paints. 


Both of these options are extremely affordable, but they do require more regular maintenance. Experts recommend that you touch up these concrete paints every couple of years to keep them in pristine condition. Many homeowners find that they would prefer to spend slightly more money to roll out a more durable garage floor coating than this cheap paint option. 




Epoxy garage floor coatings are more durable than concrete paints. These are often two-part formulas that are mixed just before application. It does require a little bit more planning and preparation. Preparing your concrete subfloor to receive epoxy coatings is more labour-intensive than what is required for basic concrete paint. 


On the other hand, an epoxy garage floor coating is estimated to last longer than concrete paint. Expect a lifespan of up to five years with a do-it-yourself version of this garage floor coating. A professional job should last even longer than this. Some people can go decades without the need to repair their epoxy garage floor coating. Epoxy is one of the toughest flooring finishes you can choose for this type of space. 


Applying this type of epoxy coating can be more difficult because of the faster dry times. Many people prefer to have professionals apply this product because of the labor required. A professional has more experience with the substrate preparation, rolling it out in the required dry times, and may even have access to more durable products. 


Concrete Stain


If you are not looking for a true coating, you might want to just spruce up your space with a concrete stain. Much like staining wood, you will still see some of the appearance of the concrete beneath this translucent stain. Depending on how your concrete looks currently, you may achieve a marbled appearance with the application of a good concrete stain. 


You can stain your concrete any shade you might imagine from deep ocean blues to sunset oranges. The color will become deeper based on the number of coats applied. An experienced professional can make your stained concrete resemble tile, natural stone, and more. There are many different techniques to choose from, making the aesthetic possibilities nearly endless. 


Keep in mind that a stain does not protect the concrete from stains and spills. In order to get more protection for your concrete, you must cover it with a urethane sealer. Maintenance may be required every couple of years to touch up areas where the stain has faded. A new coat of sealer may also be necessary. 


Applying a concrete stain usually prices somewhere between the cost of concrete paint and an epoxy coating. However, the price will vary drastically depending on how many coats of stain you desire and how many coats of urethane sealer you need.  


Concrete Sealers


Concrete sealers come in two major categories: acrylic or latex sealers and urethane sealers. Acrylic or latex sealers are not as durable as urethanes and may need to be reapplied annually. However, they do adhere to concrete more efficiently than urethane, making them an ideal option for a primer before concrete paint. 


Urethane concrete sealers are the more popular choice for those who want an extremely durable sealer. Its glossy finish allows it to easily resist damage that comes from the various chemicals found around the garage. It does not bond well with concrete alone, so it is recommended as a topcoat for an epoxy coating or a concrete stain. 


One of the main aesthetic benefits of urethane sealer is that it does not yellow or amber with age. This allows it to display the true color of your concrete stain through the years ahead. Meanwhile, an acrylic or latex sealer may turn the hue of your stain or paint slightly more yellow over time. Make sure you are prepared for a potential color shift when you decide which type of sealer to use.


As you might expect, a urethane concrete sealer is a pricier option compared to latex or acrylic. It will need to be applied less frequently though, so this should be factored into the overall price difference between the two sealers. 


Choosing Garage Floor Coatings


If you want to make the best use of your concrete garage floor, you should highly consider selecting one of these top four garage floor coatings. They are more efficient and often less expensive alternatives to coverings like interlocking tiles and rollout mats. Some of these coatings can be applied yourself over a long weekend, but it is usually best to leave a project this large to the professionals. 


Next time you need garage floor coatings rolled out in your home, make sure to contact Pinnacle Painting! Our experienced painters can help you decide which product is the right choice for your home so that you can spruce up your garage.