Commercial Painting For Custom Home Builders

Commercial Painting For Custom Home Builders

Building custom homes for your clients allows you make their dreams come true. You can assist them with everything from the floor plan to the finest details like lighting, hardware, and even their paint colours. Unfortunately, keeping track of all these details on a tight timeline can be extremely challenging for custom home builders. That’s why many companies turn to commercial painting solutions to help move the process along. 

If your custom home building company has been debating how to streamline their design services, here are a few reasons you may want to hire a commercial painter:


Specialized Tools & Equipment

Anybody can slap a coat of paint on the walls with a decent quality roller and a fine paintbrush. However, the finished product may look drastically different from a job where specialized tools and equipment are used. Commercial painting experts have sprayers and other equipment that allows them to create a perfect finish each and every time. 


Instead of investing in this equipment, you can simply hire a crew to paint for you. This saves you the initial investment on the equipment. It also prevents the need for your building company to keep up with the tedious maintenance of cleaning and taking care of this equipment. 


Tight Timelines

One of the biggest concerns within the custom home building sector is the timeline. Homeowners always want their home finished as quickly as possible. Many builders attempt to send their own crews in to paint a home, but they aren’t as efficient because they lack experience. A commercial painting company can knock out an entire home in the course of an afternoon, depending on the size of the house. If you have been delayed by weather and other unforeseen circumstances, this could be your opportunity to get the project back on course. 


Better Quality

It probably comes as no surprise, but the paint job you receive from a commercial painting company is simply better quality. They have the best equipment and they also use the best quality of paint. Commercial painting groups can guarantee the overall quality of their work for years. Ultimately, homeowners will be more satisfied because they won’t have to touch up spots like nail holes and other minor imperfections. 


Homeowners will also love that their paint adheres well to the walls. It does not chip or need to be touched up in areas as the house is lived in. Some commercial painting companies may even offer a specific warranty on their work. This is more than what a standard custom home builder could usually offer to their clients. 


Finding The Perfect Commercial Painter For Custom Home Builders

Custom home building is a unique and wonderful experience for homeowners and they often don’t get to catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes details that builders encounter. Your company could speed up the process of building a home and avoid the need to purchase specialized equipment by hiring the top company for commercial painting in Winnipeg. Give Pinnacle Painting a call today!